Happy 2017!

Wow, how time flies. It’s 2nd January 2017 now.. Every time I look at my kid, I’ll miss his tiny little hand and feet. Aww, they are now big and ugly. It’s been almost a month since I last blog. I’ve been taking lots of photos and reminding myself to blog but… Okay, there’s always a reason when I am procrastinating..

I’ll blog about my trip to Pororo Park soon… Mmm, or maybe the baking of Cinnamon Rolls? Or maybe the Sentosa trip? Okay, that’s how many post-dated events I’ll need to blog..

I promise to be back real soon! Just bare with my procrastination for another few more days.. :PpppPPpp



Unravel is a real life escape room game based on urban legends and iconic landmarks from Singapore’s colourful past.

You’ll be joining KAI on the numerous baffling case files he have come across over the years. Using a combination of logic and observation, can you solve the cases and escape the dead end?

It’s located at 470 North Bridge Road #05-20 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735. Currently, they are having some promotion. You could always drop by their facebook page for the latest promotion updates https://www.facebook.com/unravelsg/ 


It’s my 3rd time to escaped themed room and 2nd time to Unravel and it never fails to disappoint me.. Hahha.. There are basically 4 case-file (themed room) in Unravel and you will assist Kai (the former detective, who now runs a private investigative service) to solve each case file and to ‘escape each room‘ within 60 minutes.

It’s such a pity that we didn’t managed to escape the room within the 60 minutes time frame. We’ll so close to it as we’ll in the last segment of the room and we couldn’t extend the time as there’s a next group waiting in line..

Well, we do like Unravel as unlimited hints are provided throughout the whole game and there’s a Q&A session after each game so clarify any doubts (if you have any)! Definitely recommended!

To end off with it, a group photo of us, although we didn’t managed to solve it! img-20160923-wa0004


Depressed BUT I’ll need to move on!

I had a bad feeling that I won’t be able to graduate after all my papers but I can’t really be bothered about it and enjoyed for a full 3 months till Monday, 15th August 2016. when I got my result.

File_000 (1)

I failed 3 modules out of the 5 modules I took last semester and the worst part! To graduate, I can only fail up to a MAX of 2 modules, which indirectly means: I’LL NEED TO RETAIN FOR ANOTHER YEAR!

As this degree was sponsored by my company, I’ll need to go through them to get extension and it’s subject to approval and I’m still pending for their approval. Nevertheless, I’m going to retake the failed subject and I’m just like a stone throw away from passing!

Sometimes, I really don’t know why I failed. Like I really did study for the exam and I started early and did revision almost every week, but the results still came up with 3 failed.. It’s just so demoralizing.. This is one of the worst exam failure I had, other than my O levels where I also failed 2 subjects out of the 7 subjects I took (hahha, it feels like I didn’t study ya? But actually I did).

Nevertheless I’ll need to move on, stop thinking about the 3 failed modules but concentrate on the re-takes now! I don’t believe with double the effort in and working smart (gotta start later instead of earlier) I will fail again! Mmm, unless I’m damn SUAY! I think what I need now it’s just a good rest before school start and then work hard & SMART!.. I can’t wait for my short JB trip beginning of Sep!

Aww, JY! Move on and stop brooding about it! (It’s difficult not to think about it and over-stress yourself thou. T-T It’s complicated)



New Beginning

My last paper was 2 weeks ago and I have an urge to do something from now till my result date no the 14th August 2016 so I won’t be like wasting my time away..

I’ve decided to start a new blog to capture all the memories, activities and moments I spent with my loves one so if I’ve dementia one day, I could come back to this blog and reminisce all the memories (be it good or bad).

I would also like to share this out with everyone out there! Isn’t sharing a form of stress-relieve too? 😀

Cheers.. -JY