Ranting about WORK

I know it’s unhealthy to rant but I just feels like ranting about my WORK today..

I started to have this love and hate feelings about my job and I need to get this feeling out of me else I will find going to work a torture!

I LOVE to work, however things changed… Call me a workaholic but I do enjoy the adrenaline rush and the satisfaction that comes after getting the work done. I love being just a small supporting role in the company, just doing my job and making sure things run smoothly with me overseeing it and being a perfectionist, I’ll tend to make sure that I done all my stuff nicely and perfectly.

I love to attend courses (if given the chance) to update myself and I also love to be the one doing and also learning by doing it (hands-on). However, my management doesn’t see it the same way I do.

To them, if we can, we will try to delicate task to others and just over-see the “projects”. BUT to me, doing it together with the people actually breaks the bridge between people and understanding from other views and learning at the same time.

To them, if we can, we will try to attend lesser courses as there’s no point going to the course where there are already people with that expertise in that company. BUT to me, gaining extra knowledge won’t harm especially when you are talking about a flat organisation.

Sometimes, I do not know what the organisation is heading to, their organisation strategy? They always say this but do another, they always said they want to engage and show more empathy instead of looking at just the qualification? But, do they practice what they preach?

Sometimes, I just want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!