Aiya Captain!

Okay, it took me quite a while to post this as I’m really too tired to blog after work everyday. Don’t really know why but it seems like going on field camps when I’m at work, so when I reach home, I just want to nua (rest) at one corner and pray hard that my kid will sleep early so I could sleep early too.. 😀

POLW: Port of Lost Wonder

Situated in Palawan beach, Sentosa, there’s this kids water play area: PORT OF LOST WONDER (POLW). It’s my first time there as I hear people mentioning but never really see or been there before..

We went there on 8 July (Friday) with Jaryl and Joey to celebrate Jaylen’s birthday! Aww, times flies, Jaylen is 4 now.. 

Check out their website:

The ticket costs $10 per kid (applicable to children aged 12 and below). Accompanying adults enter for free. What’s the best part? NTUC  members are entitled to a 20% off the ticket during weekdays.. So I paid $16 for both Js and off we went to the pirate world!

It’s a water pirate theme park for the kids to get sun burnt under the sun while the parents (like me) just eye power them afar.. So when you buy the tickets, the staff will pass you the “passport” with some curio coins (for activities) and also the activities schedule, however, we didn’t use the curio coins or passport as the 2 Js just spent most of the time in the water play area.. T-T

Well, Jaylen was so excited when he went in that he took off his shirt and pants near the benches and wanted to change to his swimming costume. On the other hand, shy Jaryl prefers to go to the toilet to change.. 😀

Well, they spent almost 2 hours playing in the water while Joey and I just eye power them (as we didn’t bring any swear wear.. Oh yeah, they are quite particular when it comes to adults and they would expect us to wear swim wear, no cotton shirt, to the water play area) 

I had Jaylen to look for Jaryl and ask Jaryl to come over for some water break or fries break once in a while.. 😀 Hahha, seeing how Jaylen hold Jaryl feels like Jaryl like ah pek.. LOL!!

There’s lots more than the water park at POLW.. There’s this “Hatch Patch” where you could picnic there and some gardening “green house” where there’s activities for “green fingers”.. 

Not very sure why (maybe they don’t dare to) climb up to the 2nd tier of the pirate ship water play. They just hang around at the 1st tier and the “shorter” slide and then just walk around or play with the water.. 😀 Mmm, maybe next time I’ll bring my swimming costume and get wet together.. 

After the water play, we wanted to take a monorail from Beach Station to Vivocity but it was so crowded and since it’s Jaylen’s birthday celebration and he wants to try the cable car, off we went to imbiah lookout for the cable car trip out to Vivocity!

Scary Cable Car Ride!

So we bought the tickets for the cable car ride round trip (Sentosa -> Harbourfront -> Mount Faber -> Harboufront)


Operating Hours: Any day, every day! From 8.45am to 10pm (Last boarding: 9.30pm)

We were damn lucky as we bought out tickets 5 minutes past 6 so we’re entitled to DISCOUNT! Mount Faber Line Only (1 round trip) For 1 Pax (Adult/Child): $18 (SAVE 38%)

I wasn’t a fan of height so I wasn’t looking forward to the ride at all.. But since it’s his celebration and I want to get out of Sentosa fast, then off we go…

So here, a mandatory wefie and a post with the cable car and off we go.. Actually, I’m quite happy (and lucky) that the throughout the whole trip, I’m back facing and I keep telling Joey that the cabin is moving and my whole body is stiff. Nevertheless, I tried to take some photos (else, waste that $18 bucks per person right?)

A tiring day for the adults but a fun-filled day for the kids.. Hahhaa.. Both kid keep asking to go back to POLW again on Saturday and on Monday, Jaryl doesn’t want to go school and wanted to meet Jaylen for play dates instead.. Hahhaa.. Kids being kids.. So cute!


Gardens by the Bay PlayTime

It’s Jaylen and my first time to Children Playground @ Gardens by the Bay. It’s kind of funny as we’ve been to Gardens by the Bay for about 3-4 times, but have totally no idea that there’s a children playground there.. 😀

Went there with Joey and her family and also the little baby girl whom they are currently babysitting to Children Playground @ Gardens by the Bay on 24 June 2016. 😀


  • Tuesdays* – Fridays: 10am – 7pm (Last admission at 6.30pm)
    * Closed on Tuesday if the preceding Monday is a public holiday.
  • Weekends & Public Holidays: 9am – 9pm (Last admission at 8.30pm)
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Free admission

More information:

There 2 area to the playground:

  1. Water play area, where the kid will roam around freely and GET WET
  2. Play and Learn area, where it’s like a huge playground with some obstacles for the kids to complete.. 😀 (Pss, it’s actually some tree top playground, hidden behind the leaves)

Well, the kids do enjoy playing in the water play area.. Hhaha.. There’s actually 2 parts to the water play area, the HUGE area where the water is pouring like crazy and another for a more baby friendly one.. (See how the 2 kids enjoy themselves)

With the kids playing around at the water play area, we just laze around a corner and use our EYE POWER to supervise them.. :PppPppp They just love this water sprouting “animal”.. Hahhaa..

After the water play, they took a quick snack break before they moved on to the dry play area.! They started off to this tree-top playground.. Honestly, I was quite amazed that little J managed to climb up that “bee hive” himself (without any help) and he went for another round of slide all by himself..

We stopped stop the dry area play (after the spider web play) as we felt that there are lots of mosquitos “camping” around that area waiting for the right moment to “attack” (as it rains in the morning, good breeding ground for the mosquitos yeah?)

That’s so much of the play date.. Till the next play date on 8 July 2016 (Yeah, I know, I haven’t been keeping up on my post.. Clearing clearing..)