Bouncing Good Time at Art-Zoo


Head down to the inflatable park, Art-Zoo 2018, part of iLight Marina Bay 2018 last Sunday as it’s ENDING soon! We went to Art-Zoo 2017 and how can we give Art-Zoo 2018 a miss? Anyway, we will have to give iLight a miss as we did not walk there yesterday (totally drain out after all the bouncing) and we won’t be in Singapore next weekend!

CIMG3151Art-Zoo Inflatable Park 2018 opens daily from 9 March till 1 April, 5 pm to 10 pm. It opens earlier at 3pm on weekends, public holidays, eve of public holidays and during school holidays. The last entry is at 9:30pm daily.

Entry tickets can be bought from their offical website or at the gates. Tickets that are booked online are priced at $17.80 for a single ticket, and a bundle of four tickets are priced at $16.80 per tiket. Tickets purchased on site at the box office is priced at $18 (Do note that all ticket prices include booking fee of $0.80 per ticket and children under 24 months get in free with each paying visistor). Alternatively, you could purchase your ticket at klook where there’s FLASH DEAL! (Apply code “ARTZOO2” to enjoy a pair of tickets at only $30 and apply code “ARTZOO4” to enjoy a bundle of 4 tickets at only $54)

Please note that ONCE confirmed, no cancellations may be made…

It’s drizzling when we are there but it stopped about half an hour later. However, don’t expect the “zoo-keepers” to clean the zoo up for you, you are expected to just GET WET! There are a few new items this year, BALL PIT! Find them at the Pink Lagoon with the Pink Flamingo which said has the capacity to hold enough water to fill ONE entire MRT station (SERIOUS?!?) after that, just beside it, a bigger BALL POOL at the colour bear area!



Once inside the ZOO, to make your money worthwhile, just hope on to ALL the bouncy castle and try to guess all the animals lurking in the exhibit! If can, do try to climb the high unicorn and slide down! We wanted to try but it was drizzling so we did not queue (as the queue is REALLY LONG) and we do not want to get our butt even wetter! Hahaha


BBQ with a View at East Coast Park!

After the potluck in June, we went ahead to plan for a BBQ in August! It’s getting easier to BBQ now, just drop by any AXS machine and you could then book a BBQ pit in 5 easy steps.

You could choose from the following location:
– Changi Beach Park
– East Coast Park
– Pasir Ris Park
– Sembawang Park
– West Cost Park
– Labrador Nature Reserve (Promenade)

Next, you could just order all the necessary from the BBQ wholesale where they’ll deliver the items to the carpark or your pit at a fee! It’s so hassle-free! We ordered everything from charcoal to chicken to marshmallows from BBQ Wholesale. We didn’t order drinks as they come in bulk, instead, we each bought a 1.5L bottle of drinks (of our choice) to East Coast! ^^

We were quite worried as it was raining that morning and it was still drizzling when we reach there around 3plus with dark clouds hovering in front of us! BBQ Wholesale deliver our orders from 5pm and thankfully, the sky was cleared around 6pm! So we hurried back to our pit and start with the BBQ session!

The food we ordered: Chicken Satay, Satay Sauce, Chicken Wings, Marshmallow, Sambal Stingray, Butter Corns. Taiwan Sasuage.

As usual, I brought additional stuffs like cuttlefish (bought from Malacca), clams (I always see people BBQ-ing clams), mushroom (feels like it’s a MUST), fishballs (cooked) and cucumbers as I felt that the variety we ordered wasn’t enough for me! Hahha!

As night falls, the guys crowded around the fireplace and then compete with one another on who have the best “BBQ” marshmallow! Hahhaa.. I personally don’t like the “crispy” on the outside and melt on the inside kind of feel so I couldn’t get into THEIR enjoyment and mood..


Overall, we really enjoyed the BBQ. But compared to potluck, we’ll prefer the latter as we won’t be weather bounded and it’s not as tedious as BBQ where you’ll have to start the fire, stand there and cook. Hahha…



Picnic @ Marina Barrage

After years of planning for a potluck, we finally set at date and went ahead with it on 16.06.2017. We met at Vivo around 15:30 to get drinks and some snacks from Giant before taking a cab to Marina Barrage. The cab fare cost about $7+ (less than $8) from Vivocity to Marina Barrage.. >.< 

The weather is good for picnic, the kind of weather where it’s not too hot and there’s wind blowing non-stop at us..

Thanks to JW idea of not informing each other what each of us are preparing, we ended with LOTS of FOOD! Hahhaha..

There’s lots of people flying kites there too.. We eat, catch-up about our life, played card games, continue eating and spam some photos.. 🙂 Could see the photos on my instagram @blurjy..

Will definitely go back again for another round of picnic. Will bring a kite along the next time round and the bubbles! 😀 Till then, will look forward to the Malacca trip next weekend and also the BBQ next month. 😀

Last Call for Joseon Korea @ ACM

Come on down if you’re a KOREAN fan and addict like myself who like to watch Korean historical drama or is you’re just in LOVE with Korean history! Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life at Asian Civilisation Musuem (ACM) is only till 23 July 2017!! (Yup, I only know it when I’m there for a re-visit yesterday)

Little did I know that I’ll need to pay to go to that exhibition (Singaporean & PR: $10, students and children aged 6 years and below, NSF: FREE) as it’s consider a “Special Exhibition” and it’s not free for Singaporeans.. I decided to give it a missed as I’ve went there previously when it’s FREE as it’s part of the “SEOUL AWESOME” weekend which falls on 17 – 18 June 2017. Okay, this is an overdue entry for almost a month! Hahahha..

There were some activities from traditional court dances from Joseon dynasty to Tuho and not forgetting a photo-taking session wearing traditional Korean costumes!

I could say that it’s enriching and being a KOREAN drama fan and I’m in the midst of watching “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask” and the drama happens to set in Joseon era, it actually helps me to understand more of their history and thus, I appreciate their historical drama more!

Some photos which we took, apologies for the lack of photos as we didn’t take much due to the crowd (it’s really crowded that day)..

Creepy crawlies Adventure..

I’ve managed to get the ticket to the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom at half price and heard from (don’t remember who) that they have recently just revamp that attraction and the price will jerk up after the renovation and being a KAISU parents, I just bought 3 tickets!

Yup, my 1st weekend after my re-takes which means, I DON’T HAVE TO STUDY! So I’ve decided to go to the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom after confirming and re-confirming with my kid that he’s not scare of butterflies and insects (I even showed him the video which of the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom)

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Opening Hours: 9.30am – 7pm daily; (last entry at 6.30pm)

Admission: $16/Adult; $10/Child (3 – 12 years old)

So, here we are at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom! We totally forgot to post for a picture with the signage and head straight in (thinking that there’ll be some aircon inside to get away from the scorching hot weather)

So, basically, the first time you’ll see, is like a trail (no aircon – stuffy) telling you the different type of butterfly and you’ll then pass by this small butterfly observatory. It was kind of disappointed as we didn’t see much butterfly flying around..

Then, there’s this small little animal encounter area where there’re just a few parrots and komodo dragon?? (don’t know what’s that, it’s like so big and scary and we kind of don’t dare to go near it)

After the outdoor, we proceed to the indoor exhibition (Insect Kingdom)! Okay, those creepy crawlies made my hair stands and I feel like getting out of there ASAP! It’s kind of stuffy there as the aircon isn’t working, so it made the whole experience worst. 

We saw different breeds of beetles, different breeds of stick and leaf insects and a few spiders.. Sometimes, you wonder if those insects are still alive or not as they don’t move at all! Hahhahaha…

After all the ALIVE creepy crawlies, it’s the exhibition of the real insects and butterfly specimens.. In there, you’ll get to know the different type of butterflies in various countries/breeds and the same goes of insects.. (Guess what, the big beetle picture is actually made up of small beetles)

Overall, it’s like a good experience for my kid to get to know the different breeds/types of butterflies and insects in this world but the though of the insects still makes my hair stands. It’s more of like a once off thing for me as I don’t think I am willing to pay the full price to go back again…

Sea of Balloon Wonders

We’re here at Marina Square atrium for Singapore’s Greatest Annual Balloon Extravaganza! According to the Balloons@Marina Square website, this Annual Balloon Extravaganza is held during the first-term school holidays each year, since 2012!

I only got to know about this from K who was working nearby and also another colleague whose friends were part of the team behind this Balloon exhibition. Initially, I thought the a-MAZE-ing Balloon Museum was the 2016 exhibition, but it wasn’t. 2016’s theme was fairytale.. Hahahha

Date: 10 – 19 MAR 2017; 11am – 10pm
Venue: Marina Square Central Artium
Theme: Explore the Great Marine 

You’ll be attracted to this huge octopus handing from Level 2 and some floating sea turtles who will sway due to the aircon flow..

There’s this underwater tunnel where there are lots of small creatures hanging from above and some extra LARGE size creatures.. We couldn’t get in to the mermaid exhibit as it’s closed up, but I’ve managed to snap shot a picture of the mermaids.. COME ON DOWN to Marina Square if you have time this school holiday!

(Okay, enough of words, below are all the photos I’ve taken..)

Oh, it seems like they have some partnership with Pororo Park as Pororo was spotted in the exhibition! >.<


Singapore Night Festival 2016!


Well, before I continue, I apologised for the late post for Singapore Night Festival 2016 as it’s already OVER!

Singapore Night Festival always happened after National Day, as it’s held over 2 weekends, 19-21st August 2016 and 26-28th August 2016 from 7:30PM to 2:00AM at Bras Basah & Bugis area. This year’s theme was “Inventions and Innovation”.

You could check out more via the website:

From the website, I got to know that this year was the 9th edition already (Wow, I didn’t even know it as I’ve only got to know about the night festival when I’m with him and it’s our 2nd night festival after being together for 775 days! We skipped the previous year as I was “lazy” to go.. >.< )

Usually, our night festival comes together with staycation as we’ll need to stay out late (It’s more of a good excuse for a staycation!) This time round, we went Amara Hotel @ Tanjong Pagar for staycation, good experience as the room was huge so the kiddo could roam around and there’s bath-tub where he could play water in it (as we didn’t head down to the pool as it’s still the 7th month)

Well, with kid tagging along, we didn’t really explore too much, we usually just hang around the Singapore National Musuem (SNM) area where we’ll see the performance and some exhibits then followed by some night market around the SMU area and also listening to the bands playing and some display over at the Singapore Art Musuem! 😀 There’s some other exhibitions/activities over at the Peranakan Musuem but I didn’t walk there (my leg hurts from all the long walks. Hahaha, lazy!)

As this year’s theme was “Inventions and Innovation”, you could see things that are related to that theme, futurism, LED lights and more.. At the facade of the SNM was the works by GROUPE LAPS (FR)

Through micro-stories weaved upon the stately National Museum of Singapore façade, KEYFRAMES offers narration in the city – urban stories where bodies and their movements play main roles.

Part animation and part moving sculpture, the LED figures and their routine imbue static buildings with energy and excitement. This new installation – part of the KEYFRAMES series – brings glimmers of the past to life.

Inside the museum, you could find that “exhibition” where you could step on the stationary bike then cycle it to “generate” the power to light up the exhibit! (It’s that cool? Solar Energy!)

We managed to catch the performance just outside the NSM! Well, felt that this time, the performer engaged with the public which brings the whole performance up to another level! (Hahaha, as usual, my kiddo is scare and keep covering his ears wanting to go).

I still couldn’t catch the whole performance, it’s something about invasion.. Hahha, I left there not knowing whats the ending is about too.. T-T

Apologised for my lack of photos as I was walking alot and SEE-ing alot, just that I didn’t keep snapping as much as I walk as it’s really crowded and I’ve hold my kiddo hand and Mr hand or look out for Mr else I’ll get lost (I can’t really focus and gets giddy at crowded areas).

We then head over to SMU for the night market and also some snack bites and then catch one of the wall mural display show at SAM (Singapore Art Museum) and we head back to the hotel and called it a night!

Till then, the tenth edition of Singapore Night Festival 2017! I can’t wait!