Creepy crawlies Adventure..

I’ve managed to get the ticket to the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom at half price and heard from (don’t remember who) that they have recently just revamp that attraction and the price will jerk up after the renovation and being a KAISU parents, I just bought 3 tickets!

Yup, my 1st weekend after my re-takes which means, I DON’T HAVE TO STUDY! So I’ve decided to go to the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom after confirming and re-confirming with my kid that he’s not scare of butterflies and insects (I even showed him the video which of the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom)

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Opening Hours: 9.30am – 7pm daily; (last entry at 6.30pm)

Admission: $16/Adult; $10/Child (3 – 12 years old)


So, here we are at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom! We totally forgot to post for a picture with the signage and head straight in (thinking that there’ll be some aircon inside to get away from the scorching hot weather)

So, basically, the first time you’ll see, is like a trail (no aircon – stuffy) telling you the different type of butterfly and you’ll then pass by this small butterfly observatory. It was kind of disappointed as we didn’t see much butterfly flying around..

Then, there’s this small little animal encounter area where there’re just a few parrots and komodo dragon?? (don’t know what’s that, it’s like so big and scary and we kind of don’t dare to go near it)

After the outdoor, we proceed to the indoor exhibition (Insect Kingdom)! Okay, those creepy crawlies made my hair stands and I feel like getting out of there ASAP! It’s kind of stuffy there as the aircon isn’t working, so it made the whole experience worst. 

We saw different breeds of beetles, different breeds of stick and leaf insects and a few spiders.. Sometimes, you wonder if those insects are still alive or not as they don’t move at all! Hahhahaha…

After all the ALIVE creepy crawlies, it’s the exhibition of the real insects and butterfly specimens.. In there, you’ll get to know the different type of butterflies in various countries/breeds and the same goes of insects.. (Guess what, the big beetle picture is actually made up of small beetles)

Overall, it’s like a good experience for my kid to get to know the different breeds/types of butterflies and insects in this world but the though of the insects still makes my hair stands. It’s more of like a once off thing for me as I don’t think I am willing to pay the full price to go back again…


Sea of Balloon Wonders

We’re here at Marina Square atrium for Singapore’s Greatest Annual Balloon Extravaganza! According to the Balloons@Marina Square website, this Annual Balloon Extravaganza is held during the first-term school holidays each year, since 2012!

I only got to know about this from K who was working nearby and also another colleague whose friends were part of the team behind this Balloon exhibition. Initially, I thought the a-MAZE-ing Balloon Museum was the 2016 exhibition, but it wasn’t. 2016’s theme was fairytale.. Hahahha

Date: 10 – 19 MAR 2017; 11am – 10pm
Venue: Marina Square Central Artium
Theme: Explore the Great Marine 

You’ll be attracted to this huge octopus handing from Level 2 and some floating sea turtles who will sway due to the aircon flow..

There’s this underwater tunnel where there are lots of small creatures hanging from above and some extra LARGE size creatures.. We couldn’t get in to the mermaid exhibit as it’s closed up, but I’ve managed to snap shot a picture of the mermaids.. COME ON DOWN to Marina Square if you have time this school holiday!

(Okay, enough of words, below are all the photos I’ve taken..)

Oh, it seems like they have some partnership with Pororo Park as Pororo was spotted in the exhibition! >.<



Singapore Night Festival 2016!


Well, before I continue, I apologised for the late post for Singapore Night Festival 2016 as it’s already OVER!

Singapore Night Festival always happened after National Day, as it’s held over 2 weekends, 19-21st August 2016 and 26-28th August 2016 from 7:30PM to 2:00AM at Bras Basah & Bugis area. This year’s theme was “Inventions and Innovation”.

You could check out more via the website: http://nightfest.sg/

From the website, I got to know that this year was the 9th edition already (Wow, I didn’t even know it as I’ve only got to know about the night festival when I’m with him and it’s our 2nd night festival after being together for 775 days! We skipped the previous year as I was “lazy” to go.. >.< )

Usually, our night festival comes together with staycation as we’ll need to stay out late (It’s more of a good excuse for a staycation!) This time round, we went Amara Hotel @ Tanjong Pagar for staycation, good experience as the room was huge so the kiddo could roam around and there’s bath-tub where he could play water in it (as we didn’t head down to the pool as it’s still the 7th month)

Well, with kid tagging along, we didn’t really explore too much, we usually just hang around the Singapore National Musuem (SNM) area where we’ll see the performance and some exhibits then followed by some night market around the SMU area and also listening to the bands playing and some display over at the Singapore Art Musuem! 😀 There’s some other exhibitions/activities over at the Peranakan Musuem but I didn’t walk there (my leg hurts from all the long walks. Hahaha, lazy!)

As this year’s theme was “Inventions and Innovation”, you could see things that are related to that theme, futurism, LED lights and more.. At the facade of the SNM was the works by GROUPE LAPS (FR)

Through micro-stories weaved upon the stately National Museum of Singapore façade, KEYFRAMES offers narration in the city – urban stories where bodies and their movements play main roles.

Part animation and part moving sculpture, the LED figures and their routine imbue static buildings with energy and excitement. This new installation – part of the KEYFRAMES series – brings glimmers of the past to life.

Inside the museum, you could find that “exhibition” where you could step on the stationary bike then cycle it to “generate” the power to light up the exhibit! (It’s that cool? Solar Energy!)

We managed to catch the performance just outside the NSM! Well, felt that this time, the performer engaged with the public which brings the whole performance up to another level! (Hahaha, as usual, my kiddo is scare and keep covering his ears wanting to go).

I still couldn’t catch the whole performance, it’s something about invasion.. Hahha, I left there not knowing whats the ending is about too.. T-T

Apologised for my lack of photos as I was walking alot and SEE-ing alot, just that I didn’t keep snapping as much as I walk as it’s really crowded and I’ve hold my kiddo hand and Mr hand or look out for Mr else I’ll get lost (I can’t really focus and gets giddy at crowded areas).

We then head over to SMU for the night market and also some snack bites and then catch one of the wall mural display show at SAM (Singapore Art Museum) and we head back to the hotel and called it a night!

Till then, the tenth edition of Singapore Night Festival 2017! I can’t wait!



Cycling & Pokemon Go Haunting!

I’m back! Haven’t been updating my blog as often as I would wished to.. Sorry to you guys who have been following my blog! 😀

I’ve went to the lowest point in my life (especially at work) at I have lost most of the confident in my work.. Hahaha, lets talk about it another time! 😀 I am slowly walking out that “pit hole”, so.. Let’s blog about something happier!

Cycling @ ECP (East Coast Park)

I have been wrecking my brain every weekend to see where I could bring my kid to and what kind of activities I could do together with him. Recently, we found a new found hobby (as we couldn’t go to the beach/swim due to 7th lunar month) – Cycle!

During a period of 1 month, we went to cycle 3 times! 30th July, 7th August and 20th August 2016! Wow, I’m amazed!

So went to the same store for the 3 visits to rent the bike but the first 2 visits, we only rent and cycle for an hour as we reached ECP late. We cycled for 3 hours on our last visit and realised that there’s a promotion! Rent the bicycle for 2 hours on weekends and get another hour free!

The cost of rental isn’t cheap! The kids bicycle cost $6/hr and the adult bicycle costs $6-$12/hr depending on the type of bicycle you choose! I wanted to take the big one with the shelter and stuff but it cost $30/hr and $45 for 2 hours! (That’s too much for my small wallet!).

I didn’t take much photos as I’m cycling too! Hahaha.. But that’s what I had on the 1st cycle trip! I didn’t take any picture on the 2nd trip as it’s the 2nd day that the Pokemon Go was released in Singapore and the WHOLE ECP is FULL of people catching Pokemon!

He felt a lot on the 2nd trip and hence, when we go for the 3rd cycle trip, we doesn’t want to cycle anymore.. Although it’s the same bike, he just said that the bike is too small for him.. 😀

Guess what, then it’s Mr K job to “carry” him around! Hahaha.. We got the kid/baby sitter for him and off we go for a 3 hours cycle! Well, I’m so tired and my leg just feel like breaking! Next time, I’ll get the double bicycle so I don’t have to cycle as much! Tada, & that’s my bike! Hahaha..

(PS: We did catch a lot of Pokemon during our ECP cycling trip! )

Did I also mentioned that there’s a huge playground area in ECP where kids could roam around and get engaged! (Social networking skill got to start young right?)




Bowling; Win it or Lose it ALL!

And so, we got to this agreement that whenever we want to eat “GOOD” food (anything more expensive like JUMBO, JPOT, BUFFET falls into that “GOOD” food category) we’ll go and EAT first then after that, play a sports/game after that to determine who pays for the meal! So, it’s like a winner takes all and LOSER pays all!

So, we’ve decided to go for either JPOT or Japanese BUFFET on this coming Friday, 5th August and will pay it via a BOWLING game! So to see how HE fare for bowling, we decided to go for some “practice” rounds last Friday and then the loser will pay that Friday dinner (which cost about $8.. -_- No kick at all..).

A GAME to Determine Who PAYS ALL!

We had dinner at the hawker center (Teochew porridge) and ordered a spread of staple food to go with it and it cost $8! Aww, I just love the Teochew porridge at Bukit Merah Hawker Center.. (I always have that when I’m seeing the doctors in the polyclinic..)

So, we went to Safra Mount Faber for the bowling game! It’s under SuperBowl..

SAFRA Mount Faber Operating Hours
Open daily from 10am to 2am
(Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays from 10am to 3am)

Rates http://www.safra.sg/enjoy/recreation-leisure-entertainment/superbowl#.V59bDfl97IU

SO, before you bowl, you need to rent their shoes which cost $1 per pair of shoe rental.. 😀 And off we went.. We’re lucky that we were allocated a more secluded area as it won’t be embarrassing if all our balls goes down the drain.. We’ll need to choose the weight of the ball and then off you go.. Hahha..

We only played 1 game and he got a STRIKE “X” on his first throw.. Hahha.. I almost regret using bowling as the game to pay for meals after his strike.. T-T But I end up wining the game! WOhooo! (He said he wasn’t playing it seriously as it’s just practicing game. But, he seems to hide some of his talent thou, he had 2 strike!)

Tada, our score! I think we are like the bottom few that score 2 digits score for bowling games.. Hahhaa, but overall, it’s great fun! Can’t wait for FRIDAY (where the real game begin)! Cheers!


Aiya Captain!

Okay, it took me quite a while to post this as I’m really too tired to blog after work everyday. Don’t really know why but it seems like going on field camps when I’m at work, so when I reach home, I just want to nua (rest) at one corner and pray hard that my kid will sleep early so I could sleep early too.. 😀

POLW: Port of Lost Wonder

Situated in Palawan beach, Sentosa, there’s this kids water play area: PORT OF LOST WONDER (POLW). It’s my first time there as I hear people mentioning but never really see or been there before..

We went there on 8 July (Friday) with Jaryl and Joey to celebrate Jaylen’s birthday! Aww, times flies, Jaylen is 4 now.. 

Check out their website: http://www.polw.com.sg/

The ticket costs $10 per kid (applicable to children aged 12 and below). Accompanying adults enter for free. What’s the best part? NTUC  members are entitled to a 20% off the ticket during weekdays.. So I paid $16 for both Js and off we went to the pirate world!

It’s a water pirate theme park for the kids to get sun burnt under the sun while the parents (like me) just eye power them afar.. So when you buy the tickets, the staff will pass you the “passport” with some curio coins (for activities) and also the activities schedule, however, we didn’t use the curio coins or passport as the 2 Js just spent most of the time in the water play area.. T-T

Well, Jaylen was so excited when he went in that he took off his shirt and pants near the benches and wanted to change to his swimming costume. On the other hand, shy Jaryl prefers to go to the toilet to change.. 😀

Well, they spent almost 2 hours playing in the water while Joey and I just eye power them (as we didn’t bring any swear wear.. Oh yeah, they are quite particular when it comes to adults and they would expect us to wear swim wear, no cotton shirt, to the water play area) 

I had Jaylen to look for Jaryl and ask Jaryl to come over for some water break or fries break once in a while.. 😀 Hahha, seeing how Jaylen hold Jaryl feels like Jaryl like ah pek.. LOL!!

There’s lots more than the water park at POLW.. There’s this “Hatch Patch” where you could picnic there and some gardening “green house” where there’s activities for “green fingers”.. 

Not very sure why (maybe they don’t dare to) climb up to the 2nd tier of the pirate ship water play. They just hang around at the 1st tier and the “shorter” slide and then just walk around or play with the water.. 😀 Mmm, maybe next time I’ll bring my swimming costume and get wet together.. 

After the water play, we wanted to take a monorail from Beach Station to Vivocity but it was so crowded and since it’s Jaylen’s birthday celebration and he wants to try the cable car, off we went to imbiah lookout for the cable car trip out to Vivocity!

Scary Cable Car Ride!

So we bought the tickets for the cable car ride round trip (Sentosa -> Harbourfront -> Mount Faber -> Harboufront)

Website: https://www.faberpeaksingapore.com/singapore-cable-car/sky-network

Operating Hours: Any day, every day! From 8.45am to 10pm (Last boarding: 9.30pm)

We were damn lucky as we bought out tickets 5 minutes past 6 so we’re entitled to DISCOUNT! Mount Faber Line Only (1 round trip) For 1 Pax (Adult/Child): $18 (SAVE 38%)

I wasn’t a fan of height so I wasn’t looking forward to the ride at all.. But since it’s his celebration and I want to get out of Sentosa fast, then off we go…

So here, a mandatory wefie and a post with the cable car and off we go.. Actually, I’m quite happy (and lucky) that the throughout the whole trip, I’m back facing and I keep telling Joey that the cabin is moving and my whole body is stiff. Nevertheless, I tried to take some photos (else, waste that $18 bucks per person right?)

A tiring day for the adults but a fun-filled day for the kids.. Hahhaa.. Both kid keep asking to go back to POLW again on Saturday and on Monday, Jaryl doesn’t want to go school and wanted to meet Jaylen for play dates instead.. Hahhaa.. Kids being kids.. So cute!


Gardens by the Bay PlayTime

It’s Jaylen and my first time to Children Playground @ Gardens by the Bay. It’s kind of funny as we’ve been to Gardens by the Bay for about 3-4 times, but have totally no idea that there’s a children playground there.. 😀

Went there with Joey and her family and also the little baby girl whom they are currently babysitting to Children Playground @ Gardens by the Bay on 24 June 2016. 😀


  • Tuesdays* – Fridays: 10am – 7pm (Last admission at 6.30pm)
    * Closed on Tuesday if the preceding Monday is a public holiday.
  • Weekends & Public Holidays: 9am – 9pm (Last admission at 8.30pm)
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Free admission

More information: http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en/the-gardens/far-east-organization-childrens-garden.html

There 2 area to the playground:

  1. Water play area, where the kid will roam around freely and GET WET
  2. Play and Learn area, where it’s like a huge playground with some obstacles for the kids to complete.. 😀 (Pss, it’s actually some tree top playground, hidden behind the leaves)

Well, the kids do enjoy playing in the water play area.. Hhaha.. There’s actually 2 parts to the water play area, the HUGE area where the water is pouring like crazy and another for a more baby friendly one.. (See how the 2 kids enjoy themselves)

With the kids playing around at the water play area, we just laze around a corner and use our EYE POWER to supervise them.. :PppPppp They just love this water sprouting “animal”.. Hahhaa..

After the water play, they took a quick snack break before they moved on to the dry play area.! They started off to this tree-top playground.. Honestly, I was quite amazed that little J managed to climb up that “bee hive” himself (without any help) and he went for another round of slide all by himself..

We stopped stop the dry area play (after the spider web play) as we felt that there are lots of mosquitos “camping” around that area waiting for the right moment to “attack” (as it rains in the morning, good breeding ground for the mosquitos yeah?)

That’s so much of the play date.. Till the next play date on 8 July 2016 (Yeah, I know, I haven’t been keeping up on my post.. Clearing clearing..)