Miam Miam Pasta!

I used to go to THREE at The Seletar Mall to satisfy my pasta fixed and after having one of the good Carbonara (at least to me) in The Daily Fix Cafe (Malacca), I am still searching for one that can BLOW my mind off!

So that particular Sunday, I have this craving for carbonara and sadly, Creation Cafe is closed on Sunday, I decided to pop by to Miam Miam @ Bugis to try their pasta (as my colleague mentioned that their pasta is not bad).

Before you read on, I need to re-emphasize that I am not a food blogger. HAHHAHA


Miam Miam is a casual Artisanal French café-restaurant that brings together a mixture of French Artisanal Cuisine & Techniques with influences derived from traditional Japanese preparation & cooking arts.

[Extracted from their website: http://miam.sg/]


Since we are here for the pasta, how can we not order Spaghetti!

We started off with the Onsen Egg with Mushroom Soup as the appetizer. I know that it might be a little over-rated but it is new! Onsen EGG!!!CIMG2011I would say that the idea of having the Onsen Egg in the mushroom soup is new to me and I am VERY skeptical on the taste. HOWEVER, I need to admit that the Onsen Egg goes well with mushroom soup. I feel that it is not creamy enough as I could taste the stock used. I prefer French table (at least to me)!

Next up, our main! We order 3 mains for the 3 of us (The big guy, the small kiddo and me! I had their Carbonara Spaghetti:CIMG2016The Carbonara was not thick enough but I really need to give *two thumbs up* for their pasta as it was cooked to al dente! Overall, it was a little too liquidity and salty for my liking.

The big guy had Teriyaki Chicken Aglio Olio without Leek (they actually cook that with leek):CIMG2017The aroma of the roasted garlic just won me over. Al dente spaghetti with the right amount of oil and roasted garlic. This definitely taste better than my Carbonara. Although it is supposed to be Aglio Olio, but I could not taste the chilli (mMmm)..

Not forgetting kids meal for our little kiddo:CIMG2014I have to thanks their effort what was served looks almost the same as the photo in the menu. Even though it was for the kids, the kitchen staff also maintain the same standard and my kid actually finished the plate of spaghetti.!

How can we not order something to “close” off the dinner at Miam Miam!

CIMG2018We ordered their signature french toast with soft serve. (Do note that they require about 20mins to prepare this)! One of the best french toast I had. The toast was toasted with some burnt at only one side of the bread so there is this “crunch” on every slice of the bread (not sure if that is the norm or they just burnt my bread). The maple syrup was not too sweet when it goes with the bread and ice-cream. Overall, it was a nice dessert to end your dinner (without the heavy whipped cream – yes, it is heavy whipped cream as it did not “melt” after we finish the toast).

Total damaged: $70+ for this dinner ^^




BBQ with a View at East Coast Park!

After the potluck in June, we went ahead to plan for a BBQ in August! It’s getting easier to BBQ now, just drop by any AXS machine and you could then book a BBQ pit in 5 easy steps.

You could choose from the following location:
– Changi Beach Park
– East Coast Park
– Pasir Ris Park
– Sembawang Park
– West Cost Park
– Labrador Nature Reserve (Promenade)

Next, you could just order all the necessary from the BBQ wholesale where they’ll deliver the items to the carpark or your pit at a fee! It’s so hassle-free! We ordered everything from charcoal to chicken to marshmallows from BBQ Wholesale. We didn’t order drinks as they come in bulk, instead, we each bought a 1.5L bottle of drinks (of our choice) to East Coast! ^^

We were quite worried as it was raining that morning and it was still drizzling when we reach there around 3plus with dark clouds hovering in front of us! BBQ Wholesale deliver our orders from 5pm and thankfully, the sky was cleared around 6pm! So we hurried back to our pit and start with the BBQ session!

The food we ordered: Chicken Satay, Satay Sauce, Chicken Wings, Marshmallow, Sambal Stingray, Butter Corns. Taiwan Sasuage.

As usual, I brought additional stuffs like cuttlefish (bought from Malacca), clams (I always see people BBQ-ing clams), mushroom (feels like it’s a MUST), fishballs (cooked) and cucumbers as I felt that the variety we ordered wasn’t enough for me! Hahha!

As night falls, the guys crowded around the fireplace and then compete with one another on who have the best “BBQ” marshmallow! Hahhaa.. I personally don’t like the “crispy” on the outside and melt on the inside kind of feel so I couldn’t get into THEIR enjoyment and mood..


Overall, we really enjoyed the BBQ. But compared to potluck, we’ll prefer the latter as we won’t be weather bounded and it’s not as tedious as BBQ where you’ll have to start the fire, stand there and cook. Hahha…



Town Buffet @ Fullerton Hotel Singapore

It’s a yearly event (usually in August after my bonus period) that we’ll go to Fullerton Hotel Singapore for their buffet. This year was a little special as my mom and brother joined us too! It’s was an overdue birthday treat for my mom’s birthday (in MAY).

Every August, Town Restaurant’s daily themed dining special will pay tribute to Singaporean cuisine. I remembered last year or 2 years back, they actually invited a few hawkers down to showcase their dishes. So if you don’t want to miss out this special opportunity to indulge in both seafood and also hawker favorites, do make a reservation NOW!
The National Day dining specials if from 7 to 31 August 2017. Click here to find out more.

If you missed the National Day dining specials, don’t worry, they have a Themed Buffet Dinner from Tuesdays to Sunday.

• Daily 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. 
Sunday to Tuesday: Heritage Buffet with International Selections – S$56* per adult and S$28* per child. Prices including coffee and tea.
Wednesday to Saturday: Seafood International Buffet with Heritage Food – S$69* per adult and S$34* per child

I only tried the Seafood International Buffet with Heritage Food and went there on Friday and Saturday before. I personally preferred the Saturday spread compared to the Friday one.

National Day dining specials photos (Apologised if some images are blurred):

Seafood spread.. There were oysters too, but didn’t take it. Crayfish were baked in BBQ sauce due to the National Day dining specials. If you come on normal days, it should be baked in cream sauce. ^^

There were a few local dessert like rempah udang, tapioca cake and desert plate is in the the old traditional hawker type.

Other spread.. The more common one, like bread and pasta station. There usual “famous” laksa station where you could request for more quail eggs or more fish cakes. Rojak Station is part of the National Day dining specials where you could be the Rojak aunty/uncle mixing your own rojak without being “diao” by them when you request for more cucumber or more beansprouts.. >.<

Not forgetting, there’s complimentary of DWG tea and coffee (Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso)

And all thanks to the good food, I gained a total of 1.5kg from my last weight before my Malacca trip! T-T
It’s really a dilemma when it comes to food and tummy/weight..

Cooking Time – Chives Dumpling

Chinese Chives Dumpling (韭菜餃子), one of my favourite.

I always keep stock of handmade Chinese Chives Dumpling (韭菜餃子) in the freezer as it’s easy to make and it’s easy to cook too, especially when I couldn’t wake up to cook a proper meal in the morning, I’ll just go to the freezer, pop some dumpling in the pan and then tada, I’ve my lunch ready!

Kiddo always love to wrap the dumpling, so whenever I say “We’ll make dumpling today”, he will be like saying this: “Can we make dumpling now” every 10 minutes!

I loved to make the chives dumpling at home as I could add in lots of chives (as I always think that the chives dumpling sold outside doesn’t have enough chives) and I could just wrap it damn fat with lots of ingredients. Ever since I learnt how to make it, I never had it outside….


Recipe was adapted from Vanessa Tay:

Video on how to pleat the dumpling:

I did some amendment to the recipe:

300g Minced Pork / 五花肉 – minced once (remember to ask for the fatty portion)
1 pack of Chinese Chives (韭菜)
pinch of  Salt / 盐
2 tsp Light Soy Sauce / 酱青
2 tsp Shaoxing Hua Tiao Chew / 花雕酒
3 tsp Sesame Oil / 麻油Q
1 pack of ready made shanghai dumpling skin (I bought from Giant)


It’s simple and easy and it’s great for family bonding too.. Hahha, my pleating skill is (T-T).. I think I tried to squeeze in too much chives and pork into the dumpling..

Normally, once I’m done, I’ll lay them on a baking tray with some gaps in between and freeze them till they are frozen before I transfer all the dumpling into zip-lock bag (to save freezer space).

Yup. He insist of having his dumpling wrap like that and keep telling me how the filling is coming out of the dumping skin.. 😀

Baking Time – Butter Cookies

I admit that I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to when the new school term start, as such, my “viewership” took a dip and went quite for weeks (well, not as if this blog if popular, but still, thanks to those who are following! I know you miss me! I’m back!)

Baking it’s definitely a great way to bond with the kids (although sometimes I do find it WAY faster to bake it ALL BY MYSELF and lesser messier without him beside me). This receipt it’s definitely a MUST TRY for beginner and also for people who loves butter cookies (like myself).

I’ve started to grow some interest in baking which I ended up getting about 3kg worth of flour just to get ready to bake some butter cookies (well, flour doesn’t just comes in small packing and this recipe asked for 3 different type of flour + butter). Initially, I wanted to bake egg tart, so I went to Poon Huat with that mindset that “Yeah man! I’m going to get the egg tart ingredients!”, but after some thoughts and knowing that egg tart doesn’t taste nice keeping overnight (can’t bring it to work for my colleagues) then I though of baking pound cake, but after much thoughts and googling, I’ve then finalize on baking BUTTER COOKIES.

The butter cookie was adapted from Miss Tiam Chiak (a mimic of Jenny Bakery – the famous melt-in-the mouth cookie, although I never taste it before).


So with all the ingredients prepared, we’re ready! The recipe could yield about 60 cookies. I haven’t been baking of a while so you keep seeing me looking at the book! Hahhaa.. (Oh yah, remember, the butter as what Miss Tam Chiak mentioned, you should use Golden Churn brand. I bought the block one instead of the tin version and the butter came out the same, just that it’s not that watery and easier to manage – IMO (In My Opinion).. I’m going to try using other brand of butter next time as Golden Churn it’s expansive! That one block cost me $5.10! )

Then you have the kid which will help you in ALMOST everything! Hahahaaha..

& that’s how the cookie looks before it’s in the oven -> after -> in the air-tight container..


And that’s what left of today! Well, the butter cookie it’s popular among my colleague and parents and they mentioned that the texture is nice! Can’t wait to try it again using another butter to see if it’s really the butter that contribute to the melt-in-the mouth kind of texture or? 😀

Till then, I’ll make non-baked oreo cheesecake soon!

JPOT – hotpot Singapore style

One of the benefit of being one of Jumbo Rewards Member is that you’ll be entitled to $100 discount voucher (with a minimum $200 spent before GST and Service Charge) at either JPOT, Jumbo or Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine.

As I’ve joined the Jumbo Rewards late, I’ve only receive the voucher somewhere in beginning August where the validity date state from 20 July 2016 to 17 August 2016. 😀

As we couldn’t make any reservation in Jumbo as it’s fully booked, we headed to JPOT at Vivocity.

The concept of JPOT was like hotpot Singapore style which was inspired by the increasing popularity of hotpot dining in Singapore. Click on the link to find out more: http://www.jpot.com.sg/en/about-us

This is like my 2nd time having JPOT and the last time I had was about 3 years back. 😀 The thing about JPOT is that we’ll order all the items via iPAD (so atas and technology geek). As we had to spend a minimum of $200, we started ordering seafood and alot of stuffs which we don’t usually ordered if we’re having it without any food.. 😀


This was what we ordered before Hung Kai arrived, and we ordered a lot more after he arrived.. We ordered the “famous” pork and fish noodle (as seem in the bottom) and it looks abit (uhm, digusting when it’s in the soup.. ahhahaha).


Apologised for the lack of photos as I’m busy eating.. Hahha.. Sorry.. We even ordered dessert to hit that $200!

The total bill with the $100 discount ended up with the 4 of us paying about $30 each for that dinner! To end it off, that’s our empty plates! 😀



Well, I’ll definitely go back again if there’s any discount. But if there isn’t, I don’t think I’ll be back as the price isn’t something I could afford on a daily or even occasional basis. Still prefer Jumbo Seafood..! However, do note that their seafood it’s FRESH! The quality is the price you paid for!


Season for CRABs!

Well, I’m really lazy to blog nowadays as I just feel like sleeping when I reach home. Working is like going to field camps! Lots of things happened at work and I’m under enormous stress and pressure that I think I’m going to go crazy soon! Can’t wait for my short trip in September! Mmm, or maybe I’ll just go for a short staycation?

Well, let’s talk about something HAPPIER!

Jumbo Seafood

We went to National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) for Jumbo Seafood sometimes back to celebrate our Anniversary and also because I had my JULY BONUS! *Wohoo! Though it isn’t alot, but it’s still EXTRA money!*

Jumbo Seafood is famous for it’s Mee Goreng and JUMBO Chilli Crab. Click on the link to find out more: http://www.jumboseafood.com.sg/en/home 

We also signed up for the membership for $20! http://www.jumbogroup.sg/jumbo-rewards.. Tada! There’s more saving to the FOREVER expensive crab meals! Hahaha.. So, the moment you sign up, for the $20 you spent, you’ll be entitled to J$20 points.. WOhoooo, that’s like alot! *Pss, it’s damn hard to earn J$.. I spent $107 on the bill and earn only J$5, but because of the membership, there’s a 10% discount*


This is our second time here. So we ordered Shark Fin soup instead of the Yam Ring Scallops zzand we ordered the female crab instead of the male one, so I could eat the roe! Was intending to mixed the roe with the rice but was damn full from the Mee Goreng, Crab and SF soup (well, some activist will then name-calling me again but.. It’s like so once in a while?)..

Another good thing about Jumbo Seafood is that they will give you this bib to you in case you’re afraid that the crab eating is too messy for you and also gloves (in case you don’t want to dirty your hands) *I did use the gloves this time round and I went around grabbing Mee Goreng and place them on his place using my HAND.. Hahhahha* 

Ending off with me wearing the bib and US! WOhoo.. Till 5 August, our JPOT lunch! Will determine who will pick up the tab by playing a sports! Wahahahah