Baking Time – Butter Cookies

I admit that I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to when the new school term start, as such, my “viewership” took a dip and went quite for weeks (well, not as if this blog if popular, but still, thanks to those who are following! I know you miss me! I’m back!)

Baking it’s definitely a great way to bond with the kids (although sometimes I do find it WAY faster to bake it ALL BY MYSELF and lesser messier without him beside me). This receipt it’s definitely a MUST TRY for beginner and also for people who loves butter cookies (like myself).

I’ve started to grow some interest in baking which I ended up getting about 3kg worth of flour just to get ready to bake some butter cookies (well, flour doesn’t just comes in small packing and this recipe asked for 3 different type of flour + butter). Initially, I wanted to bake egg tart, so I went to Poon Huat with that mindset that “Yeah man! I’m going to get the egg tart ingredients!”, but after some thoughts and knowing that egg tart doesn’t taste nice keeping overnight (can’t bring it to work for my colleagues) then I though of baking pound cake, but after much thoughts and googling, I’ve then finalize on baking BUTTER COOKIES.

The butter cookie was adapted from Miss Tiam Chiak (a mimic of Jenny Bakery – the famous melt-in-the mouth cookie, although I never taste it before).


So with all the ingredients prepared, we’re ready! The recipe could yield about 60 cookies. I haven’t been baking of a while so you keep seeing me looking at the book! Hahhaa.. (Oh yah, remember, the butter as what Miss Tam Chiak mentioned, you should use Golden Churn brand. I bought the block one instead of the tin version and the butter came out the same, just that it’s not that watery and easier to manage – IMO (In My Opinion).. I’m going to try using other brand of butter next time as Golden Churn it’s expansive! That one block cost me $5.10! )

Then you have the kid which will help you in ALMOST everything! Hahahaaha..

& that’s how the cookie looks before it’s in the oven -> after -> in the air-tight container..


And that’s what left of today! Well, the butter cookie it’s popular among my colleague and parents and they mentioned that the texture is nice! Can’t wait to try it again using another butter to see if it’s really the butter that contribute to the melt-in-the mouth kind of texture or? 😀

Till then, I’ll make non-baked oreo cheesecake soon!


Celebrating National Day @ ACM!

Honestly, I start to enjoy writing blog posts and hope someone pops by my site (at least a visitor a day – maybe). As you have notice, this will be a overdue post as this was the activities we did a month ago (6 Aug). I’ve realised some interesting facts about blogging, sometimes, you’ll have ALOT of things to blog, whereas sometimes, you basically have none and I’m in this stage that I want to blog something once in a while to “maintain” that traffic flow. Well, if you’re comparing myself with other blogger, I’m like really nothing at all!

So, as usual, it’s the first Saturday of the month and we have nothing better to do, so we head down to Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM) for their Saturday @ ACM activities and since we’ll be having a sumptuous buffet dinner @ Fullerton Hotel (our usual once a year indulgence – maybe twice a year, or maybe thrice a year.. Aww, I don’t know.. Hahha..)

CIMG0768(Not too sure what’s wrong with my eye bag, but yeah, it looks like I’m a panda!)

Saturdays @ ACM falls on the First Saturday of every month from 1 – 5pm where there’s free admission to the museum itself during that period. Every month, they will have different theme, but usually, they will have the play, some handicraft sessions.. You could find out more here: http://acm.org.sg

Just happened that there’s another exhibit at ACM (Once Upon a Time in Asia – A Missing Mouse) where the kids could run around and then do some activities there.. (Apologised for the blurry image)

We then went to do some DIY handicraft as part of the Saturday @ ACM activities! As August falls on the same month as National Day, the theme revolved around Singapore. There’s this make-it-yourself Merlion pushie where there are pre-cut felt and what one needs to do, is to actually sew the string to the pre-punched hole, stuff the cotton inside to make it more like 3D effect and then paste all the necessary “accessories” (like the lion hair, the eyes, nose) on the Merlion. A very simple activity which produce a cute little pushie! (Hahaa, will definitely try it out at home since I used to do these kind of keychain previously and honestly speaking, I’m quite good at it)

He then went off for some “stamping” activities (which I didn’t capture any photos as I’m busy helping him). However, here’s the final product!


That’s so much of the Saturday @ ACM and off we went to chill at Starbucks will we wait… for the buffet….


The Temporal Blooming Of A Flower Upon The Earth

I’m wondering how many of you actually follow my blog, but nevertheless, I’m going to try to blog about an on-going event happening now! Hope anyone seeing this post don’t just close this immediately.. (At least read till the end please… >.<)

If you are around Maxwell/Tanjong Pager area, why not pop by URA, Singapore City Gallery to view some artistic photography by Akai Chew, his first SOLO exhibition..

As adapted from his FB event page:

Every year, during the lunar 7th Month, the cityscape of Singapore is lit up by brilliant lights of the getai.

The getai stages are inserted into the existing cityscape, affixing themselves onto footpaths, trees, lampposts, and existing buildings. For a short span of a few nights, they become a beacon, attracting audiences from far and wide.

Empty spaces are turned into lively places of show, ceremonies and rituals. These structures appear for a few days and then disappear, surviving and functioning through this temporal symbiotic architecture.

Do note tat his solo exhibition is till 10 September 2016 at Singapore City Gallery, 45 Maxwell Road. Definitely an exhibition not to be missed! PS: It’s located at level 3, just take the URA lift up to level 3, turn left and you’ll see it.. There’s the exhibition decoy on the lift too.. 

Tada, the entrance to the exhibition:CIMG0741

Some snapshot of the exhibition.. (Pardon for some blurry image, some images looks blurry on my camera and I don’t know is it because of my shaky hands or it’s actually normal but it’s the camera setting. Can’t wait for another month for my Samsung Phone!)

The idea is to bring out the getai tentage and architecture, from past to current, how getai’s stage “grow” these years..

We went to the “opening ceremony” held on 2nd August 2016. See the crowd! Hooohoo.. Success to Akai Chew.. Well, being a photographer/designer, solo exhibition is one of the best achievement one could get.. So, DO SUPPORT!


Indoor Playtime @ Polliwogs

My leg almost break and I can’t even wake up this morning as we went out to POLW yesterday (shall blog about the visit to POLW next time.. procrastinating)..

Polliwogs @ Suntec

We went down to Suntec for a quick lunch @ Ichiban (his favourite and I am kind of sick of Ichiban right now..) and off to Polliwogs..

Polliwogs @ Suntec is located at Tower 4, #02-724 to 727, somewhere near to the MacDonald.

It’s our 2nd time there and I’ve decided to go ahead and join their membership! They are having some promotion for NTUC card holder where your kid is entitled to 2 additional visit and there’s unlimited playtime for members (unlike the limited 2 hours playtime for non-members on peak hours). Therefore, it’s 8 visits for the price of $125 and the visit could be shared among kids..

Polliwogs in Suntec is much bigger as compared to their Vivo branch. There’re like tree-top play area where the kid will just climb and there’s like 3 “trees” that are linked. I didn’t really notice where my kid is as I’m just sitting there day-dreaming or watching video on my phone. My kid will just play independently and will then come back once in a while to drink water.. (Bad mummy yeah? But that’s the sort of break I could give myself once in a while)

They do have shows going on around 330pm on Sunday where all the kids will go to this area and do some activities and play some games together. (You could see how shy he is as he don’t dare to go to the front where all the kids are seated at and wants me to sit beside him.. T-T)

All in all, Polliwogs is a good place for mummies and daddies to rest for (at least) 2 hours!


Soak in a Day of Culture & Heritage

And off we went to a Museum Trip!

Of course, to save the hassle of changing the buses here and there, we took a cab to the National Museum of Singapore.. *Ranting: Argh, there’s ERP charges on Saturday!!!*

It’s like out 5th trip to the National Museum already since it’s FREE for all SINGAPOREAN and PR! *It’s that good, so you don’t have to rush to finish all exhibits in one day, but could come back any other day and continue*  

We managed to catch the Celebrating Radio: Sounds from the Past exhibitions which will be there at the National Museum of Singapore, The Salon till 17 Jul 2016.

Celebrating Radio: Sounds from the Past traces the evolution of Singapore’s broadcasting history from the 1930s to 1980s. Items on display include a phonograph dating back to the 1920s, radio permits and photographs, as well as a selection of radios from different eras.

– http://nationalmuseum.sg/exhibitions/exhibition-list/celebrating-radio

There’s even kid activity area where they could showcase their creativity by designing their very own record album cover or vintage radio box (at a minimum fee). It’s also a DREAM come true for them at being a radio DJ in a vintage broadcasting studio.

*See how professional he is when he is working*

We just briefly walk through the main museum exhibit this time round as we are here for the Masak Masak 2016. This year Masak Masak 2016 held from 28 May 2016 – 31 Jul 2016, and each year, they will have different activities, workshops, installations for the kids and also the young at heart adults. 😀

Well, he tried out 3 installation:

  1. Let’s Play! by Tay Bee Aye & School of the Arts (Singapore) | Concourse, Level 1
  2. Le Bestiaire by various artists (France) | Platform, Level 2 (small fee required)
  3. Clumsy Dumpty on the Wall by NUS Industrial Design (Singapore) | Glass Atrium, Level 2

He did not try the FunCycling by Bikes 4 Fun (Singapore) as it’s suitable for kid above the age of 5. 😀

Just a side note: We realised that the Level 3 Masak Masak play area for kiddos was closed.

Till then, we hope to come back for Masak Masak 2017 and more Museum trips!


a-MAZE-ing Balloon Museum

Okay, I’m late in posting this..

Went to this a-MAZE-ing Balloon Museum at Marina square on 18 – 19 June 2016, from 11.00am – 9.00pm.

I happened to know about this from a whatsapp chat group and went down with my kid and K after my work on 18 June. 😀

It’s at the atrium and we were amazed by all the balloon sculptures.. 😀 I’m so motivated to buy some balloon and start making dogs or cats now!

CIMG0445By the time we reach and taking a few photos, the exhibition area were closed as they were preparing for the “Maze Run”. Therefore, we only managed to capture a few balloon sculpture from level 2..

Aww, it’s sad as I would really want to see other balloon sculpture paintings.. T-T

Nevertheless, to make up for it, People’s Association (PA) brings in PA trainers  to set up booth for the kids to try out different workshops ranging from soap making, hair accessories to print making and of course, balloon sculpting. 😀

Jaylen chose to go for the (super long queue) soap making and print making try-out.

For the soap making, what he did is just to cut that block of “soap oil” and then put inside the container for it to melt before the trainer add in the colouring and then pour it
in the mold.. (PS: I queued up for about half an hour for a less than 5mins workshop.. T-T)

He then went for this print making workshop try-out.. The queue was shorter so it’s just about 5minutes wait. 😀 This print making is interesting as they will ask you to draw/design the bottom of the sea/fish tank.. Then they will give you a cut-out styrofoam fish where you’ll design it by using a pencil and “draw” out the fins and stuffs, then after which, you’ll coat a colour on it and stamp stamp on that piece of paper..

He’s too young to understand that fish don’t swim vertical down but, yeah.. he had 2 fishes diving vertically up and down in this “fish tank”..

Tada, presenting you, Jaylen masterpiece…CIMG0556


Little Fun with Daiso Product

Went Daiso on Wednesday with the intention to get some gardening pots and other gardening related stuffs to trim my plants.

While walking around, this cute little sea creatures catches my eyes and I intend to buy it for my kid. I do not bring my kid out to the beaches every now and then but I will buy some beach toys for him to play during bath time else, I will fill up a bucket of water and let him play outside the house, along the corridor. It’s not something fancy but he does enjoy it.


It’s actually more suitable for bathtub play, but since I don’t have a bathtub at home (well, who have it nowadays), I’ve decided to just get that since it’s only $2 and I think my kid will love it. It’s those creatures cute?

He don’t really have anything to do other than watching cartoons on youtube on the tablet at night, I think that it’s good to let him have some water play. 😀 It’s easy as you will just need to fill up the basin with water, and there, he could spent about 15 – 30mins there playing.