If you took a 4 days leaves, why not head down to Malacca for a short trip? But do remember to go over the weekend instead of weekday! >.<

We went Malacca from 5-8 August 2017. Before we book the coach ticket and hotel, I keep asking my kid if he is okay with 4-5 bus ride from Singapore to Malacca and he reassured me that he’s okay and he won’t keep talking in the bus.!

So, we booked our coach ticket via EasyBook. We have decided to book Hatten Hotel as my colleague mentioned that it’s near to Jonker Street and situated near to 2 shopping malls. (Some coaches goes to the hotel lobby, DO remember to choose the hotel you are staying! Else, most probably you’ll alight at the Malacca Center)

So off we go… As leave Singapore for Malacca on a Saturday, there’s a JAM (expected) at the immigration side so we took about close to 6 hours to reach Malacca. We took the 9.10am bus but only managed to clear the immigration at 11+. We reached Hatten Hotel close to 3pm.

Day 1 @ Malacca…

A glimpse of the hotel lobby.20170805_144218

& the room.. It’s actually quite big as there’s like 2 area, the sitting area and the sleeping area and there’s 2 TVs in the room. I was a bit disappointed by the TV channels they offered.

We were so hungry by the time we reached the hotel as we just had Ya Kun in Singapore around 8plus. So we went to this Hong Kong cafe situated at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. That’s how much we order for just the 3 of us! (Hahhaah.. We were hungry~!)


After the late lunch, we went back to the hotel to unpack, swim (it’s crowded with tourists and I could hardly swim, it’s more of like soaking in the water. But my kid was happy cause there are other kid at the swimming area to “play” with him) and rest before heading down to Jonker Street! Jonker Walk is like one of the main highlight in Malacca. It’s like a night market and it only operate on Friday – Sunday. We went to Jonker Street on Monday and it wasn’t that lividly as Saturday & Sunday evening..


It’s FULL of people and there, you could see stalls selling food to handicraft to accessories. 😀 I bought 2 hairbands from there one my 1st night there and earring on the 2nd night.. In the middle of the Jonker street, there’s this Jonker Walk World Heritage Park where there’s a sculpture of the Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong “The Father of Bodybuilders in Malaysia”. Do remember to take a picture with the mandatory pose! Hahahha


As it’s too crowded at the food street, we just packed the food and took Uber back to our hotel.. That calls for Day 1 @ Malacca…

Day 2 @ Malacca…

We woke up just in time to have breakfast! We had breakfast in one of the ballroom instead of the Cafe as it’s full. The breakfast in the ballroom was horrible, food was overcooked and it just feel weird to have breakfast there..

Because this is our first time to Malacca, we just head down to all the tourist attractions.

A’Famosa Fort
(Jalan Kota, Malacca)

A’Famosa, one of the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia, was originally constructed by Alfonso de Albuquerque (who led the Portuguese invasion on the Malacca Sultanate), the remains of the fort is now a crumbling whitewashed gatehouse and is located downhill from St. Paul’s Church.

Read more from here!


We climbed up the stairs to St. Paul’s Hill where we saw the ruins of St. Paul’s Church. It’s worth the climb up as the scenery is nice (the weather is good too) and once we reached the top, it started to drizzle.. T-T When the rain gets smaller, we slowly makes our way down..



We head back to the hotel for the 2nd day swim. Well, we reached hotel around 12plus and we went to swim under the afternoon Sun~ Hahha, there’s no one except us in the swimming pool.. We were about 2 tone darker when we got up!

As Malacca was known for the Peranakan Heritage, I suggest to go to “Baba Nyonga Heritage Musuem”..

Baba Nyonga Heritage Musuem
(48-50 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock)

Do note that there’s entrance fee to the Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum and no photography are allowed inside as it’s a private museum owned by Chan family (the richest people in Malacca during the old time).


The museum is housed in a classic nineteenth century Chinese shop house, restored to the state it was in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. Like most all of these long narrow buildings, the Baba Nyonya shop houses are pierced by two courtyards which provide light and air circulation. In a traditional Chinese shop house, business was done in the front half of the lower floor, while the back half and all the upper floor were living spaces.

Read more from here!


We reached just in time for the tour where we were brought around the house by this curator who also share with us the Baba Nyonya tales. You’ll amazed that the descendants of the family still comes back to this very house to pay respect to their ancestor during certain period of the year.

The tour last around 45minutes. We felt that the tour was too short and it’s was kind of rush to explain the whole Peranakan Heritage in that short 45minutes session.

After the Hertiage tour, we decided to pop by to the famous cafe along Jonker Street..

The Daily Fix
(55, Jalan Hang Jebat)

We went there for 2 days and tried pancakes (salted egg yolk and gula melaka – a MUST try by my colleague recommendation), coffee and carbonara! Everything was SO NICE!! The place was so crowded on Sunday (where we had to queue for about 15minutes) and it was quieter on Monday.


We end the day by visiting Jonker Street again for the 2nd time and we went to sit the Rickshaws! >.< (I know, we look like tourists being scam, but it’s a good experience after all)


And this time, we had our dinner at Jonker Street.. & again, took Uber back to our hotel..


That calls for Day 2 @ Malacca..

Day 3 @ Malacca…

We skipped the hotel breakfast as we were turned off by the food on our 2nd Day. We woke up late, then we had brunch at Dragon I (one of my favourite restaurant in JB because of the Jellyfish appetizer).

After the brunch, we head down to MORE tourist attractions…

The Stadthuys
(Jalan Kota Melaka)

Entrance fee to The Stadthuys:
Adults:RM 10.00; Child (7-12 Years): RM 4.00; Child (Below 6 Years): FREE
Visiting Hours: 9am – 5.30pm

The Stadthuys is believed to be the oldest-surviving Dutch building in the East. Part of Malacca town square’s prominent Dutch colonial architecture it is a massive bright terracotta-red riverfront building that was once the official residence of Dutch governors and officers. (That’s why you notice there’s alot of bright terracotta-red building in that area)

The Stadthuys showcases Malaccan customs and traditions as well as the city’s rich history, from the great Malay Sultanate to the Portuguese, Dutch and British occupations.

Read more from here!

Honestly, inside is like a maze and I couldn’t seems to link the history together, like their photos aren’t really in any sequences. But overall, I know more about Malaccan customs and traditions and also their history.. They have this small little miniature landscape that shows how Malacca “transformed” to what they are now (the buildings) from the great Malay Sultanate to the Portuguese, Dutch and British occupationsCIMG1218

After this, we went to MORE museums….

Maritime Musuem Melaka
(Jalan Quayside)

The Maritime Museum is a replica of the Portuguese ship which sank in the coast of Malacca while on its way to Portugal. The replica is a staggering 34 meters in height and 8 meters in width. The main focus of the museum is the maritime history of Malacca and the golden ages of Malacca’s Sultanate as the Emporium of the East.

Read more from here!

Entrance fee to Maritime Musuem Melaka:
Adults:RM 10.00; Child (7-12 Years): RM 6.00; Child (Below 6 Years): FREE
Visiting Hours: 9am – 5.00pm

Mr K was frustrated as most of the museums showcase the same history of Malacca and mentioned that we “combed” the area so quickly that the price paid to go in isn’t worth it at all. Yah, only I’m interested in the museum and my kid is just interested in photo taking, but I got bored of the museum due to the repetitive history telling..

So, that was the “last” museum we “combed”.  We then Uber to Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall for some dessert at their foodcourt and also a bowling session as the weather is too scorching hot..! >.<

After the bowling session, instead of going back to the hotel, we went straight to Daily Fix again for our DINNER! Hahha, true enough, with all the eating in Malacca, I gain a few pounds when I’m back..! T-T

After Dinner, we head down for our River Cruise.. It was a new experience as I didn’t sit the river cruise in Singapore before.. There’s nice breeze, the boat isn’t too crowded but the river doesn’t smell nice.. >.< We saw another part of Malacca where there’s alot of cafes and you could see people just chilling by the river side (I told Mr K that I would like to explore that area when we’re back next time)

So, that’s so much of the whole Malacca trip! Day 4, we tried the hotel buffet again and this time, it’s in the cafe! Oh gosh~ It’s so much better in terms of food quality. After the breakfast, we when back to the hotel to pack our luggage and then we head down to the cafe just below the hotel for lunch..

Why does holidays always end so fast? >.< Hhahaa, till then, I’m looking forward to my Bangkok Trip next month!!!

Before I end this post, a picture of me and Mr K.. >.<



A Short Weekend Trip to JB

Well, this is our first trip to JB with Joey and her family!

It’s really a SHORT trip as we just go there for 2d1n from 2-3 September 2016! I can’t wait for more SHORT trips!

I want to go Genting, however, my school is on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.. I doubt I could go for any more weekend trip (unless I skip school, oops)

We booked the train ticket and traveled to JB (Johor Bahru) via the train which only took us a traveling time of 5mins (unlike the bus where including traffic jam, could goes up to 1-2 hours..) The best part of the train is that there’s only 1 checkpoint (Singapore & Malaysia) and before you board the train, and when you alight, it’s right at JB’s city square! How convenient it is! (Psst, if you have watch ‘The Train to Busan’, you’ll feel the chill down your spine when you see the train.. Hahha)

That’s how excited they are! We reached around 11plus and the check-in time is only at 3pm. We went for early lunch and then we catch a movie (Kubo and The Two String) at KSL Mall. I realised that shows are screened earlier in Malaysia as compared to Singapore as Kubo and The Two String is only available in cinema over here in mid September. After which, we checked around 3.15pm.. As we didn’t indicate that we prefer the rooms side by side, we were given 2 different rooms on 2 different levels..

We stayed at this new hotel, Holiday Villa Johor Bahru City Centre, which is just across KSL mall.. It’s a new hotel, about 5 months old and it has a really good nice bay window area where my kid just love to hang around at.

As it’s so near to KSL, I bring my kid there to get some snacks to munch while waiting for Joey’s hubby to finish his massage before bringing the kids to the swimming pool..

Ta da! That’s a photo of us, we’re having some cheesecake and egg tart! Hahaha.. About 5plus, we went to the swimming pool as I can’t stand my kid there going “swimming swimming”.. Joey joining us about 15mins later..

We end off the day by going for frog leg porridge then packed chicken-up chicken back to the hotel room! (Hahha, I’m going to get fat soon!) The next day, we just had the breakfast buffet then laze around in the hotel room then off we go (check-out).. We went to have Kim Gary and then off to another movie before rushing off midway to catch the train back home!

Can’t wait for our next trip in December! Aww, I love short trips! Hahhaa.. & I want MORE!


A Short Weekend Trip to Batam

This is my kid’s 3rd time to Batam! Good life, I didn’t travel out of Singapore till I’m in my 20s (let alone Malaysia)..

We went for a short trip from 3-5 June 2016.

It’s always MacDonald breakfast first before the ferry ride. 😀 (See how happy he is in the ferry ride)

We stayed in iHotel Baloi this time round (the same hotel we used to stayed when I joined the Joey and her family’s Batam shopping trip). Just a glimpse of the hotel room.. It’s actually located near to BCS mall and it’s about 60,000 rupiah taxi ride from Nagoya.

My kid had a great time wadding in the pool. Well, he don’t dare to swim yet so.. Yeah.. Hahha..

This time round, we spent most of the time in the hotel and didn’t travel as much, just to BCS mall for lunch and dinner and Nagoya the next day for some shopping of layer cakes and also to eat A&W (it’s strange how Singaporean always go there for A&W). There’s a Time Zone right there at Nagoya too and there are having a promotion where you buy a card for 10,000 rupiah and it comes with 20,000 rupiah credit. *WOW*

We also bought KFC back from Nagoya. Although I find the chicken too tough for my liking, K and my kid actually loves it and K even said that it’s better than the one in Singapore. 😀

Overall we had a great trip and I’m looking forward to another Batam shopping trip with Joey and her family end of the year again (if they are going).