Bouncing Good Time at Art-Zoo


Head down to the inflatable park, Art-Zoo 2018, part of iLight Marina Bay 2018 last Sunday as it’s ENDING soon! We went to Art-Zoo 2017 and how can we give Art-Zoo 2018 a miss? Anyway, we will have to give iLight a miss as we did not walk there yesterday (totally drain out after all the bouncing) and we won’t be in Singapore next weekend!

CIMG3151Art-Zoo Inflatable Park 2018 opens daily from 9 March till 1 April, 5 pm to 10 pm. It opens earlier at 3pm on weekends, public holidays, eve of public holidays and during school holidays. The last entry is at 9:30pm daily.

Entry tickets can be bought from their offical website or at the gates. Tickets that are booked online are priced at $17.80 for a single ticket, and a bundle of four tickets are priced at $16.80 per tiket. Tickets purchased on site at the box office is priced at $18 (Do note that all ticket prices include booking fee of $0.80 per ticket and children under 24 months get in free with each paying visistor). Alternatively, you could purchase your ticket at klook where there’s FLASH DEAL! (Apply code “ARTZOO2” to enjoy a pair of tickets at only $30 and apply code “ARTZOO4” to enjoy a bundle of 4 tickets at only $54)

Please note that ONCE confirmed, no cancellations may be made…

It’s drizzling when we are there but it stopped about half an hour later. However, don’t expect the “zoo-keepers” to clean the zoo up for you, you are expected to just GET WET! There are a few new items this year, BALL PIT! Find them at the Pink Lagoon with the Pink Flamingo which said has the capacity to hold enough water to fill ONE entire MRT station (SERIOUS?!?) after that, just beside it, a bigger BALL POOL at the colour bear area!



Once inside the ZOO, to make your money worthwhile, just hope on to ALL the bouncy castle and try to guess all the animals lurking in the exhibit! If can, do try to climb the high unicorn and slide down! We wanted to try but it was drizzling so we did not queue (as the queue is REALLY LONG) and we do not want to get our butt even wetter! Hahaha


Sakura Seasons in SINGAPORE

You do not have to travel all the way to Japan to see the cherry blossoms as the annual sakura flora display returns to Flower Dome (Garden by the Bay) and it will be here only for a limited time (from now till 8 April 2018).

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2018 – Sun, 8 Apr 2018
Time: 9:00am – 9:00pm
Venue: Flower Dome
**Admission charge to the conservatories applies (purchase tickets here)
Find out more of the display & demonstration here

Went there last Saturday and there was a huge crowd including a number of cosplayers! There’s a special rate for Singaporean and on top of it, if you are holding on to any OCBC credit/debit card, you are entitled to another 15% discount! WOW! It’s way cheaper than flying to JAPAN to catch the Sakura craze (but of course, you can’t compare what you see there over to what you’ll see here, at least for a moment, you feel that you’re in JAPAN)


There are Japanese-themed elements like tea house and torii gates to match the cherry blossom and also lifelike resin dolls which are the main focus of the display.

According to the website, there are basically 4 blossoms to look out for,


  1. PRUNUS ACCOLADE – A popular and prolific cultivar producing abundant pale pink flowers.
  2. PRUNUS YEODENSI – Also known as Yoshino Cherry, this Japanese favourite produces classic white flowers that have five petals.
  3. PRUNUS SNOW FOUNTAIN – This tree has a strongly weeping shape, making the masses of white blooms on its branches look like cascading snow, hence its name.
  4. PRUNUS KIKUSHIDARE – This weeping cherry tree has large, light pink flowers that resemble Chrysanthemums, hence “Kiku” in its name, which means Chrysanthemum in Japanese.


Cheery blossoms are divided into four groups based on their number of petals. They typically have five petals, and are known as single flowers, but some cultivars are bred to have many more for a fuller bloom. Semi-double flowers exhibit around 10 to 20 petals, while double flowers boast 25 to 50 petals. The extraodinary kikuzakura, or chrysanthemum cherry flowers, are jam-packed with over 100 petals!

Well, don’t be disappointed that you’re paying to see ONLY cherry blossom as there is still other types of flower display over at the flower dome (which kind of makes your money worth)!

Let me end a photo here with me and MR! Doesn’t it look like we’re in JAPAN? Hahaha..


Treasures of THE ZOO

If you don’t know what to do this weekend, why not drop by Marina Square atrium!

We’re back this year at Marina Square atrium for Singapore’s Greatest Annual Balloon Extravaganza! (Thanks to a Mr K for working around there so he reminded me that the BALLOON festival is back!)

This year theme is “Treasures of THE ZOO” where one will experience the magic of an unforgettable wildlife adventure. COME ON DOWN this School Holiday instead of going to Singapore Zoo!

Date: 9 – 18 MAR 2018; 11am – 10pm
Venue: Marina Square Central Artium
Theme: Teasures of THE ZOO

At first, you’ll be attracted to the tall giraffe with the SUPER long neck. The aircon blowing from the ducts kind of makes the giraffe neck sway a little side to side.

In here, you could see 2 parrots hanging and a decent collection of animals from monkeys hanging by the tree and some extra LARGE size creatures like zebra, hippopotamus (which turn around), elephants.

This year, we managed to “enroll” my kid in the Balloon Sculpting workshops. Where the kids will be taught how to make 3 balloon sculpting (with the parents help and the facilitators guidance). Do note that the workshops are only held on weekends.

Date: Saturday & Sunday (10, 11, 17 & 18 March 2018)
Time: 1.30 – 3.00pm & 4.00 – 5.30pm
Cost: $15 per child (aged 3 to 12 years old)
Limited seats available, on a first come, first served basis

(Below are all the photos I’ve taken during the workshops.. I am so afraid of the balloon let alone asking me to twist and turn, so Mr K do most of the job and Little J just use his EYE POWER)

These are our final products!


Mama White Snake Musical

It takes 10 lifetimes for a pair of soul to meet one another on a ferry boat
A hundred lifetimes for a pair of heads to lie on the pillow where their dreams afloat.

Went to watch W!LD RICE production: Mama White Snake last Saturday and blown away with all the choreography, costumes, songs, script.. Basically, EVERYTHING!


Please note that MAMA WHITE SNAKE musical is ending on 16 December 2017! Do grab your ticket HERE before the musical ends! I could assure that you won’t be disappointed by it! It’s a musical for the young and old young at heart but thinks that the young might not catch some inner jokes as much as the young at heart! I believed everyone knows the story of White Snake and this musical is White Snake (part 2). HAHAHHAHA….


For all his young life, Meng has dreamt of adventures beyond the confines of Emei Mountain. But his mother and aunt have always kept him close, warning him of the dangers and strangers lurking in the outside world.

Finally, Meng decides he has had enough of the creature comforts of home. Striking out on his own, he enrolls in a martial arts school run by the mysterious Master Fahai.

There, he finds new friends and new love… even as old secrets from his family’s past slither to the surface. Fahai soon realized that Meng has been kept in the dark about who his mother and aunt really are: the magical White Snake and Green Snake of legend!

What will Meng do when he learns of his true heritage? Will Fahai succeed in driving a wedge between Meng and his mum? And, as chaos breaks out between enemies old and new, can true love overcome ancient rivalries and family quarrels?

-Taken from the musical synopsis

Mama White Snake is directed by Pam Oei featuring the script by Alfian Sa’at and score by Elaine Chan with Glen Goei and Ivan Heng cross-dress as Mama White Snake and Aunty Green Snake. The cast also includes Siti Khalijah as Master Fahai, Zelda Tatiana as Madam Ngiao, Cheryl Tan as Mimi, Andrew Marko as Meng and not forgetting First Stage Kids.


I last saw Ivan Heng in the Emily of Emerald Hill as Emily in 2002 and was amazed at his performance and I last saw Cheryl Tan as young Yehenara in Forbidden City Musical and putting all the great cast together they present you with Mama White Snake the MOST hilarious MUSICAL with a deep meaning to it!

Mama White Snake is W!LD RICE’s holiday season musical which was inspired by British pantomime by bringing together all the elements of family entertainment from slapstick comedy to catchy songs, fabulous costumes and even audience participation. It is encouraging to see how the casts encourage the audience to participate like the audience mentioned “Bukit Timah is famous for flooding” and another was that Mama White Snake asked if she should drink the “poisons drink” and there this kid shouted NO and Glen Goei replied  “If I don’t drink then there will be no more show already”.. HAHAHA

I did not keep up with all the W!LD RICE production ever since I got pregnant with my kid but after this musical, I told myself that I will try not to miss the W!LD RICE’s holiday season musical! They basically took it to another different level with all the amazing cast and to all the staffs behind the stage. The stage design was perfect and lots of attention was paid to the costumes and headgear too!

Do remember to grab the CD after the end of the show as $5 proceed from the CD will goes to Emma Yong fund!


Our FIRST OctoBurst!

I’m glad that I brought my kid down to Octoburst! at Esplanade last Sunday. Octoburst it’s a children’s festival from 5-8 Oct 2017 (in conjunction to Children’s Day – I guess). I got to know that this isn’t the first Octoburst (why didn’t I know about this last year).

Find out more of Octoburst! here.

There are a series of activities and events and I’m glad that my kid completed most of the activities (as we need to go back home for dinner) and we even went for a musical performances in the Concert Hall!CIMG1719

We count ourselves LUCKY as are there on the FIRST Sunday of the month where Esplanade presents “Beautiful Sunday” where there’s a series of FREE concerts by homegrown music groups and everyone is invited as it’s open to ALL AGES (I’m definitely going every first Sunday from now!). My kid managed to sit there the full hour (with some fidgeting in the mid-way through).


This year’s Octoburst! features Mother Nature and the environment where they teach you how to use dry leaves to create the mascot’s costumes. The kids are invited to colour on the dry leaves and then pin the leaves on the mascot using a pin.

The kid could also unleash their creativity by using plasticine and different type of beans to  replicate any reptiles or insects (or anything) and display it in the “Nature”. (See my kid’s snake – in blue on the below right picture and the snake’s house)

He then went off to draw the leaves using torch light and magnifying glass to look at vein of the leaf. (He looks like a professional!)

Just opposite of this leaves drawing area is the “My Little Story World” by Berries. There’s a total of 3 stories sharing. The stories were from the top three winners of the Children Chinese Picture Book Creation Contest held by Berries in 2016.

Last but not least, the last activities of the day (and I’m glad that we managed to get a slot for the last slot): “Grow a Garden” by Mrydette where they recycle the water bottle by creating a self-watering mini garden!

That’s how we spent about 3hours in Esplanade last Sunday and I’m looking forward to the next Octoburst!

Till then..~


Sunday Sunday @ Peranakan Museum

After his swimming lesson on Sunday, we went to Peranakan Museum as we have no idea where to go and we doesn’t want to go back straight after swimming. >.<

20170910_124928 (2)

Do you know on every second Sunday (from  1 to 5pm) Peranakan Museum has themed tour and activities where you could explore the colourful world of Peranakans. Make arts and crafts based on the museum’s collections, dress up with the whole family in a batik shirt or sarong kebaya, or read a book and discover the world of Peranakan celebrations…

  • It’s free admission for the activities
    Check the website regularly for updates on each month’s programmes

Last month’s theme was:
20170910_131509 (2)Straits Family Sunday: Strike a Pose
Where we are able to create our own frame to take home and there’s a special guided tour for children to learn about some of the famous Peranakans captured on canvas (which we didn’t join) and also to strike a pose in traditional Peranakan costumes!!!!!!

We reached before 1pm so we just went explore the exhibits and we didn’t managed to finish the whole museum (will come back again next month to visit the museum as I’m interested to see if it’s different from the Peranakan museum in Malacca) 😀

So in the small lecture room at Level 1 there’s 3 corners:

  1. DRESS UP Corner where the young and even the adults could dress up in the batik shirt or a sarong and kebaya. (Saw this group of adults and kid where they dress up in sarong and kebaya and takes lots of photos).
  2. READING Corner where you could read a book with your kid to know more about Peranakan culture and celebrations.
  3. ART & CRAFT Corner where you could make your own frame inspired by grand portraits.

Hidden Area of National Gallery Singapore!

This is [PART 2] of my National Museum Post! Our second visit after we got out annual pass. Well, after you got the annual pass, you tend to just visit a few exhibits in one trip instead of completing all to get most value out of the entrance fee.

Yayoi Kusama: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow exhibition is till 3 September 2017. Do come on down before it’s too late.
Click here for the exhibition overview..

Children’s Biennale (Dreams & Stories) will end on 8 October 2017. Click here for more information..

I got the Children’s Biennale handbook at $5 where there are a few activities worksheet for the kid to do while they visit the galleries. We also got ourselves the tickets to Yayoi Kusama: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow.

Come on and follow us on our National Gallery Singapore journey..

Former Supreme Court Holding Cells
We were just wandering and found out about this holding cells. National Gallery Singapore used to be a Supreme Court which holds key war crimes trials. We were glad that we are able to see how holding cells looked like. Do you notice that the toilet flushes are outside the cells?!?



The Blue Who Swims All This Way by artist Betty Susiarjo

Under the sea creatures and the displays are all touchable and kids are encouraged to climb into those giant rocks and hug the hanging soft sculpture..



Keppel Centre for Art Education – Children’s Musuem
Where on will take a glimpse at how ceramics are created and you could design your very own virtual ceramic pots at the interactive station.



Yayoi Kusama –  Life is the Heart of a Rainbow (Gallery C)
There are 2 exhibits in Gallery C. I was amazed by how the dots, lines will ended up with such colourful artwork. Well, it’s an artwork which could be appreciated by both the young and the old especially The Obileration Room!!
(1) With all my Love for the Tulips I pray forever (2013 – 2017)


(2) Life is the Heart of a Rainbow (2017)



Yayoi Kusama –  Narcissus Garden (1966/2017)
I was more captivated by the structure instead of the artwork.. Hahha..




Till then, we’ll be back to National Gallery Singapore as there’s still places we yet to explore.. >.<