Fall In! Fall In!

“Even my Grandmother can do better than you!” 

Doesn’t that sound familiar to most of the guys who went through BMT (Basic Military Training)?

Thanks to my uncle, I got a ticket to watch Army Daze 2 this afternoon! (PS: it’s his treat! ^^) It’s a definitely a great show with great cast and I never regret going! (PS: I don’t know how this guy 2 seats beside me sleep through the first half of the show!)

ATTENTION! Tomorrow is their last run so don’t miss it! Grab your tickets here! If you didn’t managed to catch you, you could drop by their website.


Here’s a quick summarized timeline recap from the programme (booklet):


1987: Michael Chiang wrote Army Daze (his first full-length play) which was staged at the old Drama Centre on Fort Canning.

1990: Army Daze is re-staged at the Drama Centre as part of TheatreWorks’.

1995: WOW International mounts a production of Army Daze at WTC (World Trade Centre) Auditorium.

1996: Army Daze The Movie premieres on 6 November 1996.

2006: Toy Factory re-stages Army Daze.

2011: A digitally-enhanced print is produced for DVD which led to a re-screening of movie in cineplexes.

2012: Musical version of Army Daze is staged.

2013: By popular demand, Army Daze is re-staged with a back-to-back run of Michael Chiang’s first new play, High Class.

2017: 30 years later, the 5 blur recruits reunite for Army Daze 2 – a sequel!

I didn’t watch Army Daze when it’s staged but I did watch Army Daze The Movie. Army Daze 2 is a revisits of the 5 memorable characters from Singapore’s favourite show to see how life has treated them where they are faced with middle age and millennials. Malcolm and Krishna sons are getting enlisted too! Also, find out what happened when SAF appoints its first FEMALE Chief of Army!!!!

You would be able to see familiar faces like Hossan Leong, Chua En Lai, Saiful Amri, Ebi Shankara, Shane Mardjuki, Oon Shu An, Audrey Luo, Jo Tan and new faces Natelie Ong (her voice is great), Tay Hwan Haw (OMG! the way he dance!), Andre Chong and many more..

You’re strongly warned that you’ll leave with stomach cramp!

There’s a Meet & Greet session after the show and being a fan of musical & play, I went to queue up for that and got their autographs.

Here’s us (me and my uncle) with the casts:
(From Left: Felix Lim, Tay Hwan Haw, Oon Shu An, Ebi Shankara, Joshua Lim)20170819_170135

And so, we waved our hands and said goodbye..




Town Buffet @ Fullerton Hotel Singapore

It’s a yearly event (usually in August after my bonus period) that we’ll go to Fullerton Hotel Singapore for their buffet. This year was a little special as my mom and brother joined us too! It’s was an overdue birthday treat for my mom’s birthday (in MAY).

Every August, Town Restaurant’s daily themed dining special will pay tribute to Singaporean cuisine. I remembered last year or 2 years back, they actually invited a few hawkers down to showcase their dishes. So if you don’t want to miss out this special opportunity to indulge in both seafood and also hawker favorites, do make a reservation NOW!
The National Day dining specials if from 7 to 31 August 2017. Click here to find out more.

If you missed the National Day dining specials, don’t worry, they have a Themed Buffet Dinner from Tuesdays to Sunday.

• Daily 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. 
Sunday to Tuesday: Heritage Buffet with International Selections – S$56* per adult and S$28* per child. Prices including coffee and tea.
Wednesday to Saturday: Seafood International Buffet with Heritage Food – S$69* per adult and S$34* per child

I only tried the Seafood International Buffet with Heritage Food and went there on Friday and Saturday before. I personally preferred the Saturday spread compared to the Friday one.

National Day dining specials photos (Apologised if some images are blurred):

Seafood spread.. There were oysters too, but didn’t take it. Crayfish were baked in BBQ sauce due to the National Day dining specials. If you come on normal days, it should be baked in cream sauce. ^^

There were a few local dessert like rempah udang, tapioca cake and desert plate is in the the old traditional hawker type.

Other spread.. The more common one, like bread and pasta station. There usual “famous” laksa station where you could request for more quail eggs or more fish cakes. Rojak Station is part of the National Day dining specials where you could be the Rojak aunty/uncle mixing your own rojak without being “diao” by them when you request for more cucumber or more beansprouts.. >.<

Not forgetting, there’s complimentary of DWG tea and coffee (Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso)

And all thanks to the good food, I gained a total of 1.5kg from my last weight before my Malacca trip! T-T
It’s really a dilemma when it comes to food and tummy/weight..

Forbidden City Musical!!!!!

When I know that Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress musical returns this August 2017, I quickly went to purchase the ticket and managed to get it at a discounted price (15% off!) I’ve missed the previous play at Esplanade and also when Okto channel actually telecast the musical, so you can feel how excited when I got the tickets!

The musical runs till: 27 Aug 2017
Do grab your tickets or find out more about this musical here
! Don’t miss it!

Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress musical (a made-in-Singapore musical) was first-ever musical to staged right in Singapore Esplanade Theater. AS I didn’t watch the previous runs, my uncle told me that this year, there were a lot of new faces as compared to the previous one. We have Cheryl Tan as Young Yehenara this year whereas for the previous run Kit Chan also played Young Yehenara.

I am (till now) captivated by their stage and set design, they are just playing around with that “screen”! I like the “My only chance” song sung by Cheryl Tan (Young Yehenara)..

I always feel that the story of Empress Dowager Cixi is so familiar~! Looking back, I’ve read and googled about it before. I had read 2 books about her:

  1. Empress Orchid by Anchee 
  2. The Last Empress by Anchee Min

Maybe it’s time to read more about her! Hahha~! Just in case in anyone might be interested; taken from the programme (booklet):


29 November 1835 : Yehenara is born into a middle-class family of Manchu ethnicity

1839 – 1842 : The First Opium War – The Qing dynasty bans the opium trade as a threat to public health and seizes 20,000 chests of opium from British stores. The British navy responds by inflicting upon the Qing dynasty a humiliating defeat.

1842 : The Treaty of Nanjing – The British force the Qing dynasty to favour them with unequal trade treaties and cede to Britain the island of Hong Kong.

1851 : At sixteen years of age Yehenara is chosen from over 60 candidates to join the Xianfeng Emperor’s harem.

27 April 1856 : Yehenara gives birth to Emperor’s only son and heir to the Qing dynasty. When her son reaches his first birthday, she is promoted to the highest tier of concubines.

1856 – 1860 : The Second Opium War – In retaliation for various Qing infractions of the Treaty of Nanjing, Britain inflicts further military humiliation upon the Qing dynasty, best exemplified by the burning of the Summer Palace.

1861 : The Xianfeng Emperor dies. Yehenara’s five-year-old son is officially appointed his successor. As the mother of the new Emperor, Yehenara is appointed Regent and renamed the Empress Dowager Cixi (Empress of the Western Palace).

1872 : Upon his seventeenth birthday, Cixi’s son officially becomes Emperor and assumes the name Tung Chih. Cixi is marginalized from power by her son, a process exacerbated by the tension between Cixi and the Emperor’s new wife.

1875 : Denied access to his wife by Cixi, the Emperor secretly takes to visiting brothels disguised as a commoner. Rumors abound that he dies of syphilis though small pox remains the most likely suspect. As Tung Chih left no heir, Cixi successfully manoeuvres for her infant nephew to become the next Emperor.

1898 : Hundred Days Reform – The young Kuang Hse Emperor embarks on a daring 103-days reform programme of the Chinese social, economic and political system. He is met with staunch resistance from conservative courtiers. Cixi abandons retirement to assume political power once more.

1900 : The Boxer Rebellion – In Northern China, militant spiritualist zealots, known collectively as Boxers, tap into popular anger towards the Qing dynasty and Western penetration. They incite tens of thousands of fanatical peasants to attack foreigners and murder Chinese converts to Christianity.

1901 – 1908 : Cixi oversees a last-ditch attempt to modernize China in order to restore Qing authority and Chinese dignity. Conservative elements once again resist.

15 November 1908 : Empress Dowager Cixi dies aged 72, just one day after Emperor Kuang Hsu (who reportedly dies with 2000 times the normal amount of arsenic in his body). Practically her final act was to install 2-year-old Puyi as the next (and last) Emperor of China.

Source: Dr. Alexander McGregor (http://www.alexander-mcgregor.com)

Some photos taken at the end of the performances!

Sunburn Freeze @ The Rink!

After procrastinating for a few months, we decided to head down to The Rink @ Jcube to Ice Skate after our late morning swim on my off day!


The Rink is located at 2 Jurong East Central 1, #03-11 JCube, Singapore 6097311
FB: www.facebook.com/therink.sg

It cost us a total of $47.00 for 1 child and 1 adult admission (Per 2-hour session):
20170804_141942 Skating Admission only: $14.00 (adult); $12.00 (child)
– Skate Boots Rental: $3.50 per pair (per 2-hour)
– Gloves: $2 per pair
– Penguin Skating Aid: $10.00 (per 2-hour)

Do check out their website for more prices details..
Website: http://www.therink.sg/

It’s J’s first time to skate so he keep falling down even though he has his Mr Penguin with him. I wasn’t a good skater to begin with so I just followed closely behind him and skate very near to the grab bar just in case I fall.

J was happy even though he fall and he said that his butt was cold! Hahah, it’s great to go ice-skating after having sunburn from the morning swim as the coldness in The Rink cool down the sunburn on the shoulder area.

I saw people doing some really fancy figure skating and got interested in it so I googled about it and found Yuna Kim, a Korean Figure Skater. I’m so looking forward to Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 which is going to take place in February next year! Can’t wait! Intending to go to Korean end of next year during their Autumn period. Shall save money now!

Anyway, back to The Rink ice-skating.. So after 1+ hour of walking on the ice (for him) and slow skating (for me), we decided to call it a day and head home! (We got bored as what we did is just walking around in circles, it’s just like running around a football field/stadium track >.< Maybe cause we aren’t good in ice-skating so we can’t try on different ways of skating)

I had a big blister on both my ankle after the skating session, not too sure what’s that but I realised that I have 2 protruding bone at my ankle area (or don’t know what’s that area..) so no matter it’s ice-skating or inline skating, I will have blister! T-T 


Picnic @ Marina Barrage

After years of planning for a potluck, we finally set at date and went ahead with it on 16.06.2017. We met at Vivo around 15:30 to get drinks and some snacks from Giant before taking a cab to Marina Barrage. The cab fare cost about $7+ (less than $8) from Vivocity to Marina Barrage.. >.< 

The weather is good for picnic, the kind of weather where it’s not too hot and there’s wind blowing non-stop at us..

Thanks to JW idea of not informing each other what each of us are preparing, we ended with LOTS of FOOD! Hahhaha..

There’s lots of people flying kites there too.. We eat, catch-up about our life, played card games, continue eating and spam some photos.. 🙂 Could see the photos on my instagram @blurjy..

Will definitely go back again for another round of picnic. Will bring a kite along the next time round and the bubbles! 😀 Till then, will look forward to the Malacca trip next weekend and also the BBQ next month. 😀

Last Call for Joseon Korea @ ACM

Come on down if you’re a KOREAN fan and addict like myself who like to watch Korean historical drama or is you’re just in LOVE with Korean history! Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life at Asian Civilisation Musuem (ACM) is only till 23 July 2017!! (Yup, I only know it when I’m there for a re-visit yesterday)

Little did I know that I’ll need to pay to go to that exhibition (Singaporean & PR: $10, students and children aged 6 years and below, NSF: FREE) as it’s consider a “Special Exhibition” and it’s not free for Singaporeans.. I decided to give it a missed as I’ve went there previously when it’s FREE as it’s part of the “SEOUL AWESOME” weekend which falls on 17 – 18 June 2017. Okay, this is an overdue entry for almost a month! Hahahha..

There were some activities from traditional court dances from Joseon dynasty to Tuho and not forgetting a photo-taking session wearing traditional Korean costumes!

I could say that it’s enriching and being a KOREAN drama fan and I’m in the midst of watching “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask” and the drama happens to set in Joseon era, it actually helps me to understand more of their history and thus, I appreciate their historical drama more!

Some photos which we took, apologies for the lack of photos as we didn’t take much due to the crowd (it’s really crowded that day)..

Speed! National Gallery Singapore

Dropped by National Gallery Singapore (NGS) as I’m not sure where to go after J’s medical appointment this afternoon. Thought that today will be a good time to the polkadot sticker exhibit which everyone posted on their instagram and I’ve missed it the previous visit to NGS as it’s crowded!

We went to only 4 exhibits, but will definitely go again soon as Yayoi Kusama exhibition is till 3 Sep 2017 while the Children’s Biennale is till 8 Oct 2017!

  1. Yayoi Kusama –  Life is the Heart of a Rainbow (Gallery A) 
    This is where you could see Kusama’s “Infinity Nets” painting (didn’t notice) as we head straight to “The Spirits of the Pumplins Descended into the Heavens” where we’ll go to this polkdot room with a huge cube mirror right at the center where one could just climb up the small steps to see the illusion of the artwork using just mirrors! 
  2. Gallery Children’s Biennale – Homogenizing and Transforming World
    There’s lots of balls of all sizes and will change it’s colour and produce some sounds when you touch it..
  3. Gallery Children’s Biennale – The Obliteration Room
    Where you will pay a donation fee of $2 for a sticker sheet and you’re free to paste those colourful stickers all over the exhibits (be it on the fixtures, furniture)
  4. Who’s in the Woods?
    One could colour the animal and then see them come to live on the wall!

Till then, we’ll have another part 2 soon!