After a few years in denial, I finally think that there’s nothing to be ashamed of being a divorced mom. Things might not work out as it used to because I met the wrong guy and got pregnant with his kid but it doesn’t mean that I should blame the kid or take “revenge” on him too.

Since it’s been almost a month since my last paper of that semester, I’ve decided to start blogging. I’m not trying to be the next top blogger nor trying to earn $$ out of it, but I hoped to use this blog to capture all the wonderful memories and share it to all the single/divorced mom out there that you’re not alone and parenting blog doesn’t have to be just for complete families. experience and memories via this platform.

Right now, I have a wonderful kid and a boyfriend who loves me and my kid. 😀

It does feel weird if no one ever visit my blog at all and I’m thankful for those who drop by my humble blog to increase the traffic. Thanks again!!

*Disclaimer: this blog entries will range from cooking to activities with kids to travels and even ME time!

Xoxox, JY



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