Speed! National Gallery Singapore

Dropped by National Gallery Singapore (NGS) as I’m not sure where to go after J’s medical appointment this afternoon. Thought that today will be a good time to the polkadot sticker exhibit which everyone posted on their instagram and I’ve missed it the previous visit to NGS as it’s crowded!

We went to only 4 exhibits, but will definitely go again soon as Yayoi Kusama exhibition is till 3 Sep 2017 while the Children’s Biennale is till 8 Oct 2017!

  1. Yayoi Kusama –  Life is the Heart of a Rainbow (Gallery A) 
    This is where you could see Kusama’s “Infinity Nets” painting (didn’t notice) as we head straight to “The Spirits of the Pumplins Descended into the Heavens” where we’ll go to this polkdot room with a huge cube mirror right at the center where one could just climb up the small steps to see the illusion of the artwork using just mirrors! 
  2. Gallery Children’s Biennale – Homogenizing and Transforming World
    There’s lots of balls of all sizes and will change it’s colour and produce some sounds when you touch it..
  3. Gallery Children’s Biennale – The Obliteration Room
    Where you will pay a donation fee of $2 for a sticker sheet and you’re free to paste those colourful stickers all over the exhibits (be it on the fixtures, furniture)
  4. Who’s in the Woods?
    One could colour the animal and then see them come to live on the wall!

Till then, we’ll have another part 2 soon!


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