BOOK REVIEW: A Raymond Masters Mystery

The Case of the Cryptogram Murders by Garrison Flint

It’s my third book after my examination in May 2016 and I hope I’ll keep this momentum going by reading as many books from my current collection so I could buy more books!

I bought this book years back, during my Secondary school days (if I’m not wrong), else early poly days (which is almost 10 years back) and to be honest, the quality of the paper is so good that it look as though I’ve just recently bought it.

SYNOPSIS (taken from the book):

Adam Williams, wealthy furrier and despicable human being, is killed while Detective Masters and the half dozen possible suspects from family and staff are with him in his study – each the perfect alibi for the others. Motives and gadgetry abound. Along the way four other murders are solved as Masters enlists the help of a fascinating group of characters – all of them suspects.

I was captivated initially (maybe the first 1/3 of the book) due to the cryptogram used where I’ll start to solve the cryptograms in the story. This somehow get my hopes a little higher as I started to get into the character. However, somewhere about 2/3 of the book, it turns out to be a little draggy where out of the sudden, there’s this though of a rockwool insulation and a dark spot on a wall – which will in turn helps in solving a murder (maybe I got a little lost and I wasn’t really following through the story). I admit I was lost in between and I do not know how the detective pieces the murder together and in the end know who “orchestral” the murder of Adam Williams.

Especially the last cryptogram, like out of no where, the detective suddenly managed to break the cryptogram code (miracle happened)..

In between the story, it seems like everyone and no one is the murder (if you understand what I mean). I would say that the writer has a unique way of writing and I might want to get another of his series of Raymond Masters Mysteries to get a hand of his writing style.

Try this: 2-2 11-3 2-2 3-3 5-3 10-3 3-5 4-4 1-3 8-3 4-4 9-1 1-3 10-1 10-3 3-5 4-4 1-3 8-3

Book completed: September 2016


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