Celebrating National Day @ ACM!

Honestly, I start to enjoy writing blog posts and hope someone pops by my site (at least a visitor a day – maybe). As you have notice, this will be a overdue post as this was the activities we did a month ago (6 Aug). I’ve realised some interesting facts about blogging, sometimes, you’ll have ALOT of things to blog, whereas sometimes, you basically have none and I’m in this stage that I want to blog something once in a while to “maintain” that traffic flow. Well, if you’re comparing myself with other blogger, I’m like really nothing at all!

So, as usual, it’s the first Saturday of the month and we have nothing better to do, so we head down to Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM) for their Saturday @ ACM activities and since we’ll be having a sumptuous buffet dinner @ Fullerton Hotel (our usual once a year indulgence – maybe twice a year, or maybe thrice a year.. Aww, I don’t know.. Hahha..)

CIMG0768(Not too sure what’s wrong with my eye bag, but yeah, it looks like I’m a panda!)

Saturdays @ ACM falls on the First Saturday of every month from 1 – 5pm where there’s free admission to the museum itself during that period. Every month, they will have different theme, but usually, they will have the play, some handicraft sessions.. You could find out more here: http://acm.org.sg

Just happened that there’s another exhibit at ACM (Once Upon a Time in Asia – A Missing Mouse) where the kids could run around and then do some activities there.. (Apologised for the blurry image)

We then went to do some DIY handicraft as part of the Saturday @ ACM activities! As August falls on the same month as National Day, the theme revolved around Singapore. There’s this make-it-yourself Merlion pushie where there are pre-cut felt and what one needs to do, is to actually sew the string to the pre-punched hole, stuff the cotton inside to make it more like 3D effect and then paste all the necessary “accessories” (like the lion hair, the eyes, nose) on the Merlion. A very simple activity which produce a cute little pushie! (Hahaa, will definitely try it out at home since I used to do these kind of keychain previously and honestly speaking, I’m quite good at it)

He then went off for some “stamping” activities (which I didn’t capture any photos as I’m busy helping him). However, here’s the final product!


That’s so much of the Saturday @ ACM and off we went to chill at Starbucks will we wait… for the buffet….


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