Unravel is a real life escape room game based on urban legends and iconic landmarks from Singapore’s colourful past.

You’ll be joining KAI on the numerous baffling case files he have come across over the years. Using a combination of logic and observation, can you solve the cases and escape the dead end?

It’s located at 470 North Bridge Road #05-20 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735. Currently, they are having some promotion. You could always drop by their facebook page for the latest promotion updates https://www.facebook.com/unravelsg/ 


It’s my 3rd time to escaped themed room and 2nd time to Unravel and it never fails to disappoint me.. Hahha.. There are basically 4 case-file (themed room) in Unravel and you will assist Kai (the former detective, who now runs a private investigative service) to solve each case file and to ‘escape each room‘ within 60 minutes.

It’s such a pity that we didn’t managed to escape the room within the 60 minutes time frame. We’ll so close to it as we’ll in the last segment of the room and we couldn’t extend the time as there’s a next group waiting in line..

Well, we do like Unravel as unlimited hints are provided throughout the whole game and there’s a Q&A session after each game so clarify any doubts (if you have any)! Definitely recommended!

To end off with it, a group photo of us, although we didn’t managed to solve it! img-20160923-wa0004


A Short Weekend Trip to JB

Well, this is our first trip to JB with Joey and her family!

It’s really a SHORT trip as we just go there for 2d1n from 2-3 September 2016! I can’t wait for more SHORT trips!

I want to go Genting, however, my school is on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.. I doubt I could go for any more weekend trip (unless I skip school, oops)

We booked the train ticket and traveled to JB (Johor Bahru) via the train which only took us a traveling time of 5mins (unlike the bus where including traffic jam, could goes up to 1-2 hours..) The best part of the train is that there’s only 1 checkpoint (Singapore & Malaysia) and before you board the train, and when you alight, it’s right at JB’s city square! How convenient it is! (Psst, if you have watch ‘The Train to Busan’, you’ll feel the chill down your spine when you see the train.. Hahha)

That’s how excited they are! We reached around 11plus and the check-in time is only at 3pm. We went for early lunch and then we catch a movie (Kubo and The Two String) at KSL Mall. I realised that shows are screened earlier in Malaysia as compared to Singapore as Kubo and The Two String is only available in cinema over here in mid September. After which, we checked around 3.15pm.. As we didn’t indicate that we prefer the rooms side by side, we were given 2 different rooms on 2 different levels..

We stayed at this new hotel, Holiday Villa Johor Bahru City Centre, which is just across KSL mall.. It’s a new hotel, about 5 months old and it has a really good nice bay window area where my kid just love to hang around at.

As it’s so near to KSL, I bring my kid there to get some snacks to munch while waiting for Joey’s hubby to finish his massage before bringing the kids to the swimming pool..

Ta da! That’s a photo of us, we’re having some cheesecake and egg tart! Hahaha.. About 5plus, we went to the swimming pool as I can’t stand my kid there going “swimming swimming”.. Joey joining us about 15mins later..

We end off the day by going for frog leg porridge then packed chicken-up chicken back to the hotel room! (Hahha, I’m going to get fat soon!) The next day, we just had the breakfast buffet then laze around in the hotel room then off we go (check-out).. We went to have Kim Gary and then off to another movie before rushing off midway to catch the train back home!

Can’t wait for our next trip in December! Aww, I love short trips! Hahhaa.. & I want MORE!


BOOK REVIEW: A Raymond Masters Mystery

The Case of the Cryptogram Murders by Garrison Flint

It’s my third book after my examination in May 2016 and I hope I’ll keep this momentum going by reading as many books from my current collection so I could buy more books!

I bought this book years back, during my Secondary school days (if I’m not wrong), else early poly days (which is almost 10 years back) and to be honest, the quality of the paper is so good that it look as though I’ve just recently bought it.

SYNOPSIS (taken from the book):

Adam Williams, wealthy furrier and despicable human being, is killed while Detective Masters and the half dozen possible suspects from family and staff are with him in his study – each the perfect alibi for the others. Motives and gadgetry abound. Along the way four other murders are solved as Masters enlists the help of a fascinating group of characters – all of them suspects.

I was captivated initially (maybe the first 1/3 of the book) due to the cryptogram used where I’ll start to solve the cryptograms in the story. This somehow get my hopes a little higher as I started to get into the character. However, somewhere about 2/3 of the book, it turns out to be a little draggy where out of the sudden, there’s this though of a rockwool insulation and a dark spot on a wall – which will in turn helps in solving a murder (maybe I got a little lost and I wasn’t really following through the story). I admit I was lost in between and I do not know how the detective pieces the murder together and in the end know who “orchestral” the murder of Adam Williams.

Especially the last cryptogram, like out of no where, the detective suddenly managed to break the cryptogram code (miracle happened)..

In between the story, it seems like everyone and no one is the murder (if you understand what I mean). I would say that the writer has a unique way of writing and I might want to get another of his series of Raymond Masters Mysteries to get a hand of his writing style.

Try this: 2-2 11-3 2-2 3-3 5-3 10-3 3-5 4-4 1-3 8-3 4-4 9-1 1-3 10-1 10-3 3-5 4-4 1-3 8-3

Book completed: September 2016

Celebrating National Day @ ACM!

Honestly, I start to enjoy writing blog posts and hope someone pops by my site (at least a visitor a day – maybe). As you have notice, this will be a overdue post as this was the activities we did a month ago (6 Aug). I’ve realised some interesting facts about blogging, sometimes, you’ll have ALOT of things to blog, whereas sometimes, you basically have none and I’m in this stage that I want to blog something once in a while to “maintain” that traffic flow. Well, if you’re comparing myself with other blogger, I’m like really nothing at all!

So, as usual, it’s the first Saturday of the month and we have nothing better to do, so we head down to Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM) for their Saturday @ ACM activities and since we’ll be having a sumptuous buffet dinner @ Fullerton Hotel (our usual once a year indulgence – maybe twice a year, or maybe thrice a year.. Aww, I don’t know.. Hahha..)

CIMG0768(Not too sure what’s wrong with my eye bag, but yeah, it looks like I’m a panda!)

Saturdays @ ACM falls on the First Saturday of every month from 1 – 5pm where there’s free admission to the museum itself during that period. Every month, they will have different theme, but usually, they will have the play, some handicraft sessions.. You could find out more here: http://acm.org.sg

Just happened that there’s another exhibit at ACM (Once Upon a Time in Asia – A Missing Mouse) where the kids could run around and then do some activities there.. (Apologised for the blurry image)

We then went to do some DIY handicraft as part of the Saturday @ ACM activities! As August falls on the same month as National Day, the theme revolved around Singapore. There’s this make-it-yourself Merlion pushie where there are pre-cut felt and what one needs to do, is to actually sew the string to the pre-punched hole, stuff the cotton inside to make it more like 3D effect and then paste all the necessary “accessories” (like the lion hair, the eyes, nose) on the Merlion. A very simple activity which produce a cute little pushie! (Hahaa, will definitely try it out at home since I used to do these kind of keychain previously and honestly speaking, I’m quite good at it)

He then went off for some “stamping” activities (which I didn’t capture any photos as I’m busy helping him). However, here’s the final product!


That’s so much of the Saturday @ ACM and off we went to chill at Starbucks will we wait… for the buffet….

Singapore Night Festival 2016!


Well, before I continue, I apologised for the late post for Singapore Night Festival 2016 as it’s already OVER!

Singapore Night Festival always happened after National Day, as it’s held over 2 weekends, 19-21st August 2016 and 26-28th August 2016 from 7:30PM to 2:00AM at Bras Basah & Bugis area. This year’s theme was “Inventions and Innovation”.

You could check out more via the website: http://nightfest.sg/

From the website, I got to know that this year was the 9th edition already (Wow, I didn’t even know it as I’ve only got to know about the night festival when I’m with him and it’s our 2nd night festival after being together for 775 days! We skipped the previous year as I was “lazy” to go.. >.< )

Usually, our night festival comes together with staycation as we’ll need to stay out late (It’s more of a good excuse for a staycation!) This time round, we went Amara Hotel @ Tanjong Pagar for staycation, good experience as the room was huge so the kiddo could roam around and there’s bath-tub where he could play water in it (as we didn’t head down to the pool as it’s still the 7th month)

Well, with kid tagging along, we didn’t really explore too much, we usually just hang around the Singapore National Musuem (SNM) area where we’ll see the performance and some exhibits then followed by some night market around the SMU area and also listening to the bands playing and some display over at the Singapore Art Musuem! 😀 There’s some other exhibitions/activities over at the Peranakan Musuem but I didn’t walk there (my leg hurts from all the long walks. Hahaha, lazy!)

As this year’s theme was “Inventions and Innovation”, you could see things that are related to that theme, futurism, LED lights and more.. At the facade of the SNM was the works by GROUPE LAPS (FR)

Through micro-stories weaved upon the stately National Museum of Singapore façade, KEYFRAMES offers narration in the city – urban stories where bodies and their movements play main roles.

Part animation and part moving sculpture, the LED figures and their routine imbue static buildings with energy and excitement. This new installation – part of the KEYFRAMES series – brings glimmers of the past to life.

Inside the museum, you could find that “exhibition” where you could step on the stationary bike then cycle it to “generate” the power to light up the exhibit! (It’s that cool? Solar Energy!)

We managed to catch the performance just outside the NSM! Well, felt that this time, the performer engaged with the public which brings the whole performance up to another level! (Hahaha, as usual, my kiddo is scare and keep covering his ears wanting to go).

I still couldn’t catch the whole performance, it’s something about invasion.. Hahha, I left there not knowing whats the ending is about too.. T-T

Apologised for my lack of photos as I was walking alot and SEE-ing alot, just that I didn’t keep snapping as much as I walk as it’s really crowded and I’ve hold my kiddo hand and Mr hand or look out for Mr else I’ll get lost (I can’t really focus and gets giddy at crowded areas).

We then head over to SMU for the night market and also some snack bites and then catch one of the wall mural display show at SAM (Singapore Art Museum) and we head back to the hotel and called it a night!

Till then, the tenth edition of Singapore Night Festival 2017! I can’t wait!