Season for CRABs!

Well, I’m really lazy to blog nowadays as I just feel like sleeping when I reach home. Working is like going to field camps! Lots of things happened at work and I’m under enormous stress and pressure that I think I’m going to go crazy soon! Can’t wait for my short trip in September! Mmm, or maybe I’ll just go for a short staycation?

Well, let’s talk about something HAPPIER!

Jumbo Seafood

We went to National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) for Jumbo Seafood sometimes back to celebrate our Anniversary and also because I had my JULY BONUS! *Wohoo! Though it isn’t alot, but it’s still EXTRA money!*

Jumbo Seafood is famous for it’s Mee Goreng and JUMBO Chilli Crab. Click on the link to find out more: 

We also signed up for the membership for $20! Tada! There’s more saving to the FOREVER expensive crab meals! Hahaha.. So, the moment you sign up, for the $20 you spent, you’ll be entitled to J$20 points.. WOhoooo, that’s like alot! *Pss, it’s damn hard to earn J$.. I spent $107 on the bill and earn only J$5, but because of the membership, there’s a 10% discount*


This is our second time here. So we ordered Shark Fin soup instead of the Yam Ring Scallops zzand we ordered the female crab instead of the male one, so I could eat the roe! Was intending to mixed the roe with the rice but was damn full from the Mee Goreng, Crab and SF soup (well, some activist will then name-calling me again but.. It’s like so once in a while?)..

Another good thing about Jumbo Seafood is that they will give you this bib to you in case you’re afraid that the crab eating is too messy for you and also gloves (in case you don’t want to dirty your hands) *I did use the gloves this time round and I went around grabbing Mee Goreng and place them on his place using my HAND.. Hahhahha* 

Ending off with me wearing the bib and US! WOhoo.. Till 5 August, our JPOT lunch! Will determine who will pick up the tab by playing a sports! Wahahahah



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