Indoor Playtime @ Polliwogs

My leg almost break and I can’t even wake up this morning as we went out to POLW yesterday (shall blog about the visit to POLW next time.. procrastinating)..

Polliwogs @ Suntec

We went down to Suntec for a quick lunch @ Ichiban (his favourite and I am kind of sick of Ichiban right now..) and off to Polliwogs..

Polliwogs @ Suntec is located at Tower 4, #02-724 to 727, somewhere near to the MacDonald.

It’s our 2nd time there and I’ve decided to go ahead and join their membership! They are having some promotion for NTUC card holder where your kid is entitled to 2 additional visit and there’s unlimited playtime for members (unlike the limited 2 hours playtime for non-members on peak hours). Therefore, it’s 8 visits for the price of $125 and the visit could be shared among kids..

Polliwogs in Suntec is much bigger as compared to their Vivo branch. There’re like tree-top play area where the kid will just climb and there’s like 3 “trees” that are linked. I didn’t really notice where my kid is as I’m just sitting there day-dreaming or watching video on my phone. My kid will just play independently and will then come back once in a while to drink water.. (Bad mummy yeah? But that’s the sort of break I could give myself once in a while)

They do have shows going on around 330pm on Sunday where all the kids will go to this area and do some activities and play some games together. (You could see how shy he is as he don’t dare to go to the front where all the kids are seated at and wants me to sit beside him.. T-T)

All in all, Polliwogs is a good place for mummies and daddies to rest for (at least) 2 hours!


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