Farmart Trip

Realised that I haven’t been keeping up with blogging about the activities I’ve done with my kid and I am really SLOW in uploading my post, so I’m trying to keep up my pace by trying to blog about it within a week while (at the same time)  I will also try to clear the “backlog”.. *Let me rant for a while..  Aww, sometimes, I’ll have this lazy bug in me which deter me from doing anything but rot on the bed..*

So, after Aunty Joey brought Jaylen to the Farmart two Saturdays back, Jaylen just wants to go back to feed the animals.. I keep telling him “one day” and that one day REALLY COMES.. The reason: he irritates me to a point that I gave in! *Can you imagine he just woke you up at 730am on a public holiday!!! and started asking if the rabbit is awake as he wants to go feed the rabbits*

For those who are interested to take step back from your comfort zone to somewhere full of greenery and no high rise building area, you could come on down to Farmart. It’s located at 67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008. Due to it’s location, it’s ideal to drive there, however, for people (like me) who doesn’t drive, there’s a shuttle bus ($1 per trip from the bus stop opposite Lot 1 shopping mall).

I  took a cab down in the afternoon *since it’s really far from my place.. It’s a 20 minutes drive from my place and it cost me $16!!!!!!*. I went there when I’m still in my teens *feels damn old now* and didn’t remember there’s a feeding animal area, hence when reached, we actually had a hard time finding the feeding animal area.. Well, it’s actually behind the prawning area!

*Just a piece of advice: Try not to go on Sunday and Public Holiday as it’s crowded with kids and the animals are so full that they don’t really bother to come towards you when you are waving the food in front of them..* 

Please note the operating hours before you head down to the animal feeding corner.. We bought the food basket for $5 (where the feeds allows you to feed their birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, goats, fishes, turtles and frogs). Jaylen was so excited that he just took the greens and went off to feed the goat.. *

He started off goat –> rabbits –> fishes (where you could see everyone just throw the fish food in the pond as there’s lot of fish food floating) –> turtles (same issue as the fishes)

When I’m there, I wondered if we’re doing the right thing by feeding them those stuffs and if they are over-eating on certain days because of us *self denial…..*

We didn’t go for prawning as it’s crowded with families and by looking at the crowd, I doubt we’ll have any luck to catch at least 1.. 😀 That pretty much sum up the whole trip to Farmart where we spent about 2 hours there and end the with their “famous” otah and a post with the Farmart mascot.. 😀

Off we went to JEM for some outdoor playground and back to Vivocity for dinner.. 😀


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