a-MAZE-ing Balloon Museum

Okay, I’m late in posting this..

Went to this a-MAZE-ing Balloon Museum at Marina square on 18 – 19 June 2016, from 11.00am – 9.00pm.

I happened to know about this from a whatsapp chat group and went down with my kid and K after my work on 18 June. 😀

It’s at the atrium and we were amazed by all the balloon sculptures.. 😀 I’m so motivated to buy some balloon and start making dogs or cats now!

CIMG0445By the time we reach and taking a few photos, the exhibition area were closed as they were preparing for the “Maze Run”. Therefore, we only managed to capture a few balloon sculpture from level 2..

Aww, it’s sad as I would really want to see other balloon sculpture paintings.. T-T

Nevertheless, to make up for it, People’s Association (PA) brings in PA trainers  to set up booth for the kids to try out different workshops ranging from soap making, hair accessories to print making and of course, balloon sculpting. 😀

Jaylen chose to go for the (super long queue) soap making and print making try-out.

For the soap making, what he did is just to cut that block of “soap oil” and then put inside the container for it to melt before the trainer add in the colouring and then pour it
in the mold.. (PS: I queued up for about half an hour for a less than 5mins workshop.. T-T)

He then went for this print making workshop try-out.. The queue was shorter so it’s just about 5minutes wait. 😀 This print making is interesting as they will ask you to draw/design the bottom of the sea/fish tank.. Then they will give you a cut-out styrofoam fish where you’ll design it by using a pencil and “draw” out the fins and stuffs, then after which, you’ll coat a colour on it and stamp stamp on that piece of paper..

He’s too young to understand that fish don’t swim vertical down but, yeah.. he had 2 fishes diving vertically up and down in this “fish tank”..

Tada, presenting you, Jaylen masterpiece…CIMG0556


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