Bonding Baking Time

Chance upon this website, a baking subscription services where they will send you pre-packed ingredients in a box on a monthly basis. What you need to do is to just follow the recipe given and off you go..

Batterful is the first baking subscription service in Singapore that is about creating a better way to bake, and to provide a new kind of baking lifestyle. We deliver everything you need to master recipes with our carefully designed steps. With a simple subscription to Batterful, you can experience the joy of a monthly box filled with quality ingredients, How-To Online Videos, and innovative recipes from around the world.

I ordered Thai Milk Tea Chiffon Cake family box at a cost of about $31 (inclusive of shipping and a $3 discount). I’ve ordered the Thai Milk Tea Chiffon Cake Box. All the ingredients were pre-portioned ingredients, which means, I do not need to purchase 1kg worth of flour and just use 300gm of it. Since all the ingreidents were pre-portioned, it means, less clean up to do as everything is pre-packed in individual bags.

The subscription box doesn’t come with the mixer, trays, plates. It just has those basic ingredients that you’ll required to bake the cake. And so, we’re ready to bake..

Well, I should say that the whole baking process takes about less than 30mins as everytime was pre-proportioned and pre-packed. 😀 Overall, it taste nice (well, how wrong can the recipe and pre-proportioned stuffs goes)..

File_000 (1)


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