Season for CRABs!

Well, I’m really lazy to blog nowadays as I just feel like sleeping when I reach home. Working is like going to field camps! Lots of things happened at work and I’m under enormous stress and pressure that I think I’m going to go crazy soon! Can’t wait for my short trip in September! Mmm, or maybe I’ll just go for a short staycation?

Well, let’s talk about something HAPPIER!

Jumbo Seafood

We went to National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) for Jumbo Seafood sometimes back to celebrate our Anniversary and also because I had my JULY BONUS! *Wohoo! Though it isn’t alot, but it’s still EXTRA money!*

Jumbo Seafood is famous for it’s Mee Goreng and JUMBO Chilli Crab. Click on the link to find out more: 

We also signed up for the membership for $20! Tada! There’s more saving to the FOREVER expensive crab meals! Hahaha.. So, the moment you sign up, for the $20 you spent, you’ll be entitled to J$20 points.. WOhoooo, that’s like alot! *Pss, it’s damn hard to earn J$.. I spent $107 on the bill and earn only J$5, but because of the membership, there’s a 10% discount*


This is our second time here. So we ordered Shark Fin soup instead of the Yam Ring Scallops zzand we ordered the female crab instead of the male one, so I could eat the roe! Was intending to mixed the roe with the rice but was damn full from the Mee Goreng, Crab and SF soup (well, some activist will then name-calling me again but.. It’s like so once in a while?)..

Another good thing about Jumbo Seafood is that they will give you this bib to you in case you’re afraid that the crab eating is too messy for you and also gloves (in case you don’t want to dirty your hands) *I did use the gloves this time round and I went around grabbing Mee Goreng and place them on his place using my HAND.. Hahhahha* 

Ending off with me wearing the bib and US! WOhoo.. Till 5 August, our JPOT lunch! Will determine who will pick up the tab by playing a sports! Wahahahah



Aiya Captain!

Okay, it took me quite a while to post this as I’m really too tired to blog after work everyday. Don’t really know why but it seems like going on field camps when I’m at work, so when I reach home, I just want to nua (rest) at one corner and pray hard that my kid will sleep early so I could sleep early too.. 😀

POLW: Port of Lost Wonder

Situated in Palawan beach, Sentosa, there’s this kids water play area: PORT OF LOST WONDER (POLW). It’s my first time there as I hear people mentioning but never really see or been there before..

We went there on 8 July (Friday) with Jaryl and Joey to celebrate Jaylen’s birthday! Aww, times flies, Jaylen is 4 now.. 

Check out their website:

The ticket costs $10 per kid (applicable to children aged 12 and below). Accompanying adults enter for free. What’s the best part? NTUC  members are entitled to a 20% off the ticket during weekdays.. So I paid $16 for both Js and off we went to the pirate world!

It’s a water pirate theme park for the kids to get sun burnt under the sun while the parents (like me) just eye power them afar.. So when you buy the tickets, the staff will pass you the “passport” with some curio coins (for activities) and also the activities schedule, however, we didn’t use the curio coins or passport as the 2 Js just spent most of the time in the water play area.. T-T

Well, Jaylen was so excited when he went in that he took off his shirt and pants near the benches and wanted to change to his swimming costume. On the other hand, shy Jaryl prefers to go to the toilet to change.. 😀

Well, they spent almost 2 hours playing in the water while Joey and I just eye power them (as we didn’t bring any swear wear.. Oh yeah, they are quite particular when it comes to adults and they would expect us to wear swim wear, no cotton shirt, to the water play area) 

I had Jaylen to look for Jaryl and ask Jaryl to come over for some water break or fries break once in a while.. 😀 Hahha, seeing how Jaylen hold Jaryl feels like Jaryl like ah pek.. LOL!!

There’s lots more than the water park at POLW.. There’s this “Hatch Patch” where you could picnic there and some gardening “green house” where there’s activities for “green fingers”.. 

Not very sure why (maybe they don’t dare to) climb up to the 2nd tier of the pirate ship water play. They just hang around at the 1st tier and the “shorter” slide and then just walk around or play with the water.. 😀 Mmm, maybe next time I’ll bring my swimming costume and get wet together.. 

After the water play, we wanted to take a monorail from Beach Station to Vivocity but it was so crowded and since it’s Jaylen’s birthday celebration and he wants to try the cable car, off we went to imbiah lookout for the cable car trip out to Vivocity!

Scary Cable Car Ride!

So we bought the tickets for the cable car ride round trip (Sentosa -> Harbourfront -> Mount Faber -> Harboufront)


Operating Hours: Any day, every day! From 8.45am to 10pm (Last boarding: 9.30pm)

We were damn lucky as we bought out tickets 5 minutes past 6 so we’re entitled to DISCOUNT! Mount Faber Line Only (1 round trip) For 1 Pax (Adult/Child): $18 (SAVE 38%)

I wasn’t a fan of height so I wasn’t looking forward to the ride at all.. But since it’s his celebration and I want to get out of Sentosa fast, then off we go…

So here, a mandatory wefie and a post with the cable car and off we go.. Actually, I’m quite happy (and lucky) that the throughout the whole trip, I’m back facing and I keep telling Joey that the cabin is moving and my whole body is stiff. Nevertheless, I tried to take some photos (else, waste that $18 bucks per person right?)

A tiring day for the adults but a fun-filled day for the kids.. Hahhaa.. Both kid keep asking to go back to POLW again on Saturday and on Monday, Jaryl doesn’t want to go school and wanted to meet Jaylen for play dates instead.. Hahhaa.. Kids being kids.. So cute!

Book Review: The Last Juror

Have decided to keep track on the books I read as I have this tendency to forget if I have read this book or not till I read the 1st chapter.. I used to keep track via this application on my phone but my Samsung phone was pronounced dead last year, so I lost most (of should I say ALL my records).

FIRST blog book review: The Last Juror by John Grisham

I can’t remember when I bought this book but it’s been lying there in my cupboard for such a long time that I’ve decided to read it after my EXAM in MAY!

Well, it’s a good book that have captivating summary at the back of the book and also engaging story line (in the beginning) till the moment Danny Padgitt (you have to read the book to know who he is) got caught.. The way the author describe the courtroom is great however, I felt that the ending falls short and was quite disappointed with how the story ends, well, I was expecting more of author like John Grisham from how he actually got me “addicted” to the book in the beginning (although this is the first book I read by him).

The following is just the abstract summary from the back of the book:

In 1970, one of Mississippi’s more colourful weekly newspapers, The Ford County Times, went bankrupt. To the surprise and dismay of many, ownership was assumed by a 23-year-old college drop-out, named Willie Traynor. The future of the paper looked grim until a young mother was brutally raped and murdered by a member of the notorious Padgitt family. Willie Traynor reported all the gruesome details, and his newspaper began to prosper…

The murderer, Danny Padgitt, was tried before a packed courtroom in Clanton, Mississippi. The trial came to a startling and dramatic end when the defendant threatened revenge against the jurors if they convicted him. Nevertheless, they found him guility and he was sentenced to life in prison.

But in Mississippi in 1970, ‘life’ didn’t necessarily mean ‘life’, and nine years later Danny Padgitt managed to get himseld paroled.He returned to Ford County, and the retribution began..

It’s more of a crime, less of thriller for my liking, however, I do admire how John Grishman managed to engage you to the story like you’re there reading The Ford County Times and also in the courtroom listening to the trials of Danny Padgitt murders (something new to me).. I would like to read 1 more John Grishman book.. 😀

Book completed: June 2016

Gardens by the Bay PlayTime

It’s Jaylen and my first time to Children Playground @ Gardens by the Bay. It’s kind of funny as we’ve been to Gardens by the Bay for about 3-4 times, but have totally no idea that there’s a children playground there.. 😀

Went there with Joey and her family and also the little baby girl whom they are currently babysitting to Children Playground @ Gardens by the Bay on 24 June 2016. 😀


  • Tuesdays* – Fridays: 10am – 7pm (Last admission at 6.30pm)
    * Closed on Tuesday if the preceding Monday is a public holiday.
  • Weekends & Public Holidays: 9am – 9pm (Last admission at 8.30pm)
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Free admission

More information:

There 2 area to the playground:

  1. Water play area, where the kid will roam around freely and GET WET
  2. Play and Learn area, where it’s like a huge playground with some obstacles for the kids to complete.. 😀 (Pss, it’s actually some tree top playground, hidden behind the leaves)

Well, the kids do enjoy playing in the water play area.. Hhaha.. There’s actually 2 parts to the water play area, the HUGE area where the water is pouring like crazy and another for a more baby friendly one.. (See how the 2 kids enjoy themselves)

With the kids playing around at the water play area, we just laze around a corner and use our EYE POWER to supervise them.. :PppPppp They just love this water sprouting “animal”.. Hahhaa..

After the water play, they took a quick snack break before they moved on to the dry play area.! They started off to this tree-top playground.. Honestly, I was quite amazed that little J managed to climb up that “bee hive” himself (without any help) and he went for another round of slide all by himself..

We stopped stop the dry area play (after the spider web play) as we felt that there are lots of mosquitos “camping” around that area waiting for the right moment to “attack” (as it rains in the morning, good breeding ground for the mosquitos yeah?)

That’s so much of the play date.. Till the next play date on 8 July 2016 (Yeah, I know, I haven’t been keeping up on my post.. Clearing clearing..)

Indoor Playtime @ Polliwogs

My leg almost break and I can’t even wake up this morning as we went out to POLW yesterday (shall blog about the visit to POLW next time.. procrastinating)..

Polliwogs @ Suntec

We went down to Suntec for a quick lunch @ Ichiban (his favourite and I am kind of sick of Ichiban right now..) and off to Polliwogs..

Polliwogs @ Suntec is located at Tower 4, #02-724 to 727, somewhere near to the MacDonald.

It’s our 2nd time there and I’ve decided to go ahead and join their membership! They are having some promotion for NTUC card holder where your kid is entitled to 2 additional visit and there’s unlimited playtime for members (unlike the limited 2 hours playtime for non-members on peak hours). Therefore, it’s 8 visits for the price of $125 and the visit could be shared among kids..

Polliwogs in Suntec is much bigger as compared to their Vivo branch. There’re like tree-top play area where the kid will just climb and there’s like 3 “trees” that are linked. I didn’t really notice where my kid is as I’m just sitting there day-dreaming or watching video on my phone. My kid will just play independently and will then come back once in a while to drink water.. (Bad mummy yeah? But that’s the sort of break I could give myself once in a while)

They do have shows going on around 330pm on Sunday where all the kids will go to this area and do some activities and play some games together. (You could see how shy he is as he don’t dare to go to the front where all the kids are seated at and wants me to sit beside him.. T-T)

All in all, Polliwogs is a good place for mummies and daddies to rest for (at least) 2 hours!

Farmart Trip

Realised that I haven’t been keeping up with blogging about the activities I’ve done with my kid and I am really SLOW in uploading my post, so I’m trying to keep up my pace by trying to blog about it within a week while (at the same time)  I will also try to clear the “backlog”.. *Let me rant for a while..  Aww, sometimes, I’ll have this lazy bug in me which deter me from doing anything but rot on the bed..*

So, after Aunty Joey brought Jaylen to the Farmart two Saturdays back, Jaylen just wants to go back to feed the animals.. I keep telling him “one day” and that one day REALLY COMES.. The reason: he irritates me to a point that I gave in! *Can you imagine he just woke you up at 730am on a public holiday!!! and started asking if the rabbit is awake as he wants to go feed the rabbits*

For those who are interested to take step back from your comfort zone to somewhere full of greenery and no high rise building area, you could come on down to Farmart. It’s located at 67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008. Due to it’s location, it’s ideal to drive there, however, for people (like me) who doesn’t drive, there’s a shuttle bus ($1 per trip from the bus stop opposite Lot 1 shopping mall).

I  took a cab down in the afternoon *since it’s really far from my place.. It’s a 20 minutes drive from my place and it cost me $16!!!!!!*. I went there when I’m still in my teens *feels damn old now* and didn’t remember there’s a feeding animal area, hence when reached, we actually had a hard time finding the feeding animal area.. Well, it’s actually behind the prawning area!

*Just a piece of advice: Try not to go on Sunday and Public Holiday as it’s crowded with kids and the animals are so full that they don’t really bother to come towards you when you are waving the food in front of them..* 

Please note the operating hours before you head down to the animal feeding corner.. We bought the food basket for $5 (where the feeds allows you to feed their birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, goats, fishes, turtles and frogs). Jaylen was so excited that he just took the greens and went off to feed the goat.. *

He started off goat –> rabbits –> fishes (where you could see everyone just throw the fish food in the pond as there’s lot of fish food floating) –> turtles (same issue as the fishes)

When I’m there, I wondered if we’re doing the right thing by feeding them those stuffs and if they are over-eating on certain days because of us *self denial…..*

We didn’t go for prawning as it’s crowded with families and by looking at the crowd, I doubt we’ll have any luck to catch at least 1.. 😀 That pretty much sum up the whole trip to Farmart where we spent about 2 hours there and end the with their “famous” otah and a post with the Farmart mascot.. 😀

Off we went to JEM for some outdoor playground and back to Vivocity for dinner.. 😀

Soak in a Day of Culture & Heritage

And off we went to a Museum Trip!

Of course, to save the hassle of changing the buses here and there, we took a cab to the National Museum of Singapore.. *Ranting: Argh, there’s ERP charges on Saturday!!!*

It’s like out 5th trip to the National Museum already since it’s FREE for all SINGAPOREAN and PR! *It’s that good, so you don’t have to rush to finish all exhibits in one day, but could come back any other day and continue*  

We managed to catch the Celebrating Radio: Sounds from the Past exhibitions which will be there at the National Museum of Singapore, The Salon till 17 Jul 2016.

Celebrating Radio: Sounds from the Past traces the evolution of Singapore’s broadcasting history from the 1930s to 1980s. Items on display include a phonograph dating back to the 1920s, radio permits and photographs, as well as a selection of radios from different eras.


There’s even kid activity area where they could showcase their creativity by designing their very own record album cover or vintage radio box (at a minimum fee). It’s also a DREAM come true for them at being a radio DJ in a vintage broadcasting studio.

*See how professional he is when he is working*

We just briefly walk through the main museum exhibit this time round as we are here for the Masak Masak 2016. This year Masak Masak 2016 held from 28 May 2016 – 31 Jul 2016, and each year, they will have different activities, workshops, installations for the kids and also the young at heart adults. 😀

Well, he tried out 3 installation:

  1. Let’s Play! by Tay Bee Aye & School of the Arts (Singapore) | Concourse, Level 1
  2. Le Bestiaire by various artists (France) | Platform, Level 2 (small fee required)
  3. Clumsy Dumpty on the Wall by NUS Industrial Design (Singapore) | Glass Atrium, Level 2

He did not try the FunCycling by Bikes 4 Fun (Singapore) as it’s suitable for kid above the age of 5. 😀

Just a side note: We realised that the Level 3 Masak Masak play area for kiddos was closed.

Till then, we hope to come back for Masak Masak 2017 and more Museum trips!