Little Fun with Daiso Product

Went Daiso on Wednesday with the intention to get some gardening pots and other gardening related stuffs to trim my plants.

While walking around, this cute little sea creatures catches my eyes and I intend to buy it for my kid. I do not bring my kid out to the beaches every now and then but I will buy some beach toys for him to play during bath time else, I will fill up a bucket of water and let him play outside the house, along the corridor. It’s not something fancy but he does enjoy it.


It’s actually more suitable for bathtub play, but since I don’t have a bathtub at home (well, who have it nowadays), I’ve decided to just get that since it’s only $2 and I think my kid will love it. It’s those creatures cute?

He don’t really have anything to do other than watching cartoons on youtube on the tablet at night, I think that it’s good to let him have some water play. 😀 It’s easy as you will just need to fill up the basin with water, and there, he could spent about 15 – 30mins there playing.


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