What’s that on my Hand?

It was somewhere in early March where I realised there is this little ball growing out on my hand. Initially, I didn’t give it much thought as (to me), it looks like a bone protruding out and it is PERFECTLY normal. It was till my colleague told me that little ball is not normal that I started to switch to panic mode (due to the abscess incident).

I measure that little ball and it came up to be about 1cm in diameter. With my panic mode still on,  I got an earliest appointment to the doctor to ensure that that little ball is not cancerous. It turns out that the little ball medical name is called, ganglion.

Ganglions (according to the brochure from NUH) are cysts that are filled with fluid and are usually attached to adjacent tendon sheaths or joins. 

The doctor said that ganglion could go away by itself (but she can’t say when, maybe a few months, maybe years maybe won’t even go away) or could be surgical remove. She asked if I want to get it surgical remove and of course, I said “Yes”! (Who wants to have that on their hand and there’s like maybe 20% chance it will be there FOREVER) 😀

The doctor then proceed to give me an appointment to Skin Center in May.


Okay, it’s got to be a little lengthy here as I’m going starting to complain, whine…

I was happily waiting for that Skin Center appointment in May and when I reach the skin center, they told me that this case shouldn’t be referred to them but to the (forget what specialist). I was then given an appointment to a hand specialist instead as when they are making the appointment, the staff (from the other side) told them that it’s to hand specialist. SO, I was discharged from Skin Center on my first visit. 😀

Okay, I went to the hand specialist on the given appointment date. When I reached there, the doctor told me that it’s actually a “water cyst”, nothing much, just a ganglion and since it’s not hurting and stuffs, I could just leave it there and they will go away by itself (don’t know how long, but it will). I was then ask to go for an X-Ray (I don’t know for what) and back to the doctor again.

The doctor told me that it’s advisable to just monitor the  ganglion and if it causes any pain or tat ganglion poses hindrance to my daily activities, they will perform a minor surgery removal then. Else, they would advise me to keep it there and it will disappear in due time. They said that having surgerical removal will have a 10% chance of coming back and I’m exchanging that for a scar.. Zzzzz

Okay, I want to scream!!!! I have wasted 2 days of MCs and almost $100 bucks on the consultations!!

Let’s end off with a photo of my ganglion.. Tada!



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