The Land of Zootopia

Since I am done with this semester (hack about the results for now), I’ve decided to bring my kid along with Jaryl (his playmate since young) to the Zoo.. 😀

Well, we went in the afternoon as Jaryl has lesson in the morning while my kid practically can’t be bothered about school.. *Lazy boy*

As I’ve bought a new 2nd-hand camera recently, I’ve decided to capture the moments with my camera instead. To be honest, I was quite pleased with the pixel and how the image turns out although it seems blurry on the camera screen.

(Disclaimer: Do note that there’s no filter or any photoshop done to the images)

Zoo seems to be a nice place to bring the kids to, for some outdoor activities but it’s good to go during weekdays (as it isn’t as packed and you don’t have to wait too long for the tram) and also there’s a water play park and it’s like a heaven for kids. 😀 To add on the excitement, there’s actually this trampoline thingy in zoo (at a minimum of $10 per  kid). As the entrance fee doesn’t come cheap, just ensure that you spend at least half a day in zoo and pack some food there as it is really EXPENSIVE to eat there. 😀

We managed to catch 2 shows (Elephant at play and also something about saving the rain forest) and since it’s weekdays, we managed to get in the line of feeding the elephant, with Jaryl dad’s help, Jaryl managed to feed the elephants some fruits whereas for my kid, he is too afraid to even stretch his hand out.

I guessed everyone has a great day that day and we spent most of our time just lazing around in the tram instead of walking. 😀


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