Ranting about WORK

I know it’s unhealthy to rant but I just feels like ranting about my WORK today..

I started to have this love and hate feelings about my job and I need to get this feeling out of me else I will find going to work a torture!

I LOVE to work, however things changed… Call me a workaholic but I do enjoy the adrenaline rush and the satisfaction that comes after getting the work done. I love being just a small supporting role in the company, just doing my job and making sure things run smoothly with me overseeing it and being a perfectionist, I’ll tend to make sure that I done all my stuff nicely and perfectly.

I love to attend courses (if given the chance) to update myself and I also love to be the one doing and also learning by doing it (hands-on). However, my management doesn’t see it the same way I do.

To them, if we can, we will try to delicate task to others and just over-see the “projects”. BUT to me, doing it together with the people actually breaks the bridge between people and understanding from other views and learning at the same time.

To them, if we can, we will try to attend lesser courses as there’s no point going to the course where there are already people with that expertise in that company. BUT to me, gaining extra knowledge won’t harm especially when you are talking about a flat organisation.

Sometimes, I do not know what the organisation is heading to, their organisation strategy? They always say this but do another, they always said they want to engage and show more empathy instead of looking at just the qualification? But, do they practice what they preach?

Sometimes, I just want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Little Fun with Daiso Product

Went Daiso on Wednesday with the intention to get some gardening pots and other gardening related stuffs to trim my plants.

While walking around, this cute little sea creatures catches my eyes and I intend to buy it for my kid. I do not bring my kid out to the beaches every now and then but I will buy some beach toys for him to play during bath time else, I will fill up a bucket of water and let him play outside the house, along the corridor. It’s not something fancy but he does enjoy it.


It’s actually more suitable for bathtub play, but since I don’t have a bathtub at home (well, who have it nowadays), I’ve decided to just get that since it’s only $2 and I think my kid will love it. It’s those creatures cute?

He don’t really have anything to do other than watching cartoons on youtube on the tablet at night, I think that it’s good to let him have some water play. 😀 It’s easy as you will just need to fill up the basin with water, and there, he could spent about 15 – 30mins there playing.

What’s that on my Hand?

It was somewhere in early March where I realised there is this little ball growing out on my hand. Initially, I didn’t give it much thought as (to me), it looks like a bone protruding out and it is PERFECTLY normal. It was till my colleague told me that little ball is not normal that I started to switch to panic mode (due to the abscess incident).

I measure that little ball and it came up to be about 1cm in diameter. With my panic mode still on,  I got an earliest appointment to the doctor to ensure that that little ball is not cancerous. It turns out that the little ball medical name is called, ganglion.

Ganglions (according to the brochure from NUH) are cysts that are filled with fluid and are usually attached to adjacent tendon sheaths or joins. 

The doctor said that ganglion could go away by itself (but she can’t say when, maybe a few months, maybe years maybe won’t even go away) or could be surgical remove. She asked if I want to get it surgical remove and of course, I said “Yes”! (Who wants to have that on their hand and there’s like maybe 20% chance it will be there FOREVER) 😀

The doctor then proceed to give me an appointment to Skin Center in May.


Okay, it’s got to be a little lengthy here as I’m going starting to complain, whine…

I was happily waiting for that Skin Center appointment in May and when I reach the skin center, they told me that this case shouldn’t be referred to them but to the (forget what specialist). I was then given an appointment to a hand specialist instead as when they are making the appointment, the staff (from the other side) told them that it’s to hand specialist. SO, I was discharged from Skin Center on my first visit. 😀

Okay, I went to the hand specialist on the given appointment date. When I reached there, the doctor told me that it’s actually a “water cyst”, nothing much, just a ganglion and since it’s not hurting and stuffs, I could just leave it there and they will go away by itself (don’t know how long, but it will). I was then ask to go for an X-Ray (I don’t know for what) and back to the doctor again.

The doctor told me that it’s advisable to just monitor the  ganglion and if it causes any pain or tat ganglion poses hindrance to my daily activities, they will perform a minor surgery removal then. Else, they would advise me to keep it there and it will disappear in due time. They said that having surgerical removal will have a 10% chance of coming back and I’m exchanging that for a scar.. Zzzzz

Okay, I want to scream!!!! I have wasted 2 days of MCs and almost $100 bucks on the consultations!!

Let’s end off with a photo of my ganglion.. Tada!


A Short Weekend Trip to Batam

This is my kid’s 3rd time to Batam! Good life, I didn’t travel out of Singapore till I’m in my 20s (let alone Malaysia)..

We went for a short trip from 3-5 June 2016.

It’s always MacDonald breakfast first before the ferry ride. 😀 (See how happy he is in the ferry ride)

We stayed in iHotel Baloi this time round (the same hotel we used to stayed when I joined the Joey and her family’s Batam shopping trip). Just a glimpse of the hotel room.. It’s actually located near to BCS mall and it’s about 60,000 rupiah taxi ride from Nagoya.

My kid had a great time wadding in the pool. Well, he don’t dare to swim yet so.. Yeah.. Hahha..

This time round, we spent most of the time in the hotel and didn’t travel as much, just to BCS mall for lunch and dinner and Nagoya the next day for some shopping of layer cakes and also to eat A&W (it’s strange how Singaporean always go there for A&W). There’s a Time Zone right there at Nagoya too and there are having a promotion where you buy a card for 10,000 rupiah and it comes with 20,000 rupiah credit. *WOW*

We also bought KFC back from Nagoya. Although I find the chicken too tough for my liking, K and my kid actually loves it and K even said that it’s better than the one in Singapore. 😀

Overall we had a great trip and I’m looking forward to another Batam shopping trip with Joey and her family end of the year again (if they are going).

The Land of Zootopia

Since I am done with this semester (hack about the results for now), I’ve decided to bring my kid along with Jaryl (his playmate since young) to the Zoo.. 😀

Well, we went in the afternoon as Jaryl has lesson in the morning while my kid practically can’t be bothered about school.. *Lazy boy*

As I’ve bought a new 2nd-hand camera recently, I’ve decided to capture the moments with my camera instead. To be honest, I was quite pleased with the pixel and how the image turns out although it seems blurry on the camera screen.

(Disclaimer: Do note that there’s no filter or any photoshop done to the images)

Zoo seems to be a nice place to bring the kids to, for some outdoor activities but it’s good to go during weekdays (as it isn’t as packed and you don’t have to wait too long for the tram) and also there’s a water play park and it’s like a heaven for kids. 😀 To add on the excitement, there’s actually this trampoline thingy in zoo (at a minimum of $10 per  kid). As the entrance fee doesn’t come cheap, just ensure that you spend at least half a day in zoo and pack some food there as it is really EXPENSIVE to eat there. 😀

We managed to catch 2 shows (Elephant at play and also something about saving the rain forest) and since it’s weekdays, we managed to get in the line of feeding the elephant, with Jaryl dad’s help, Jaryl managed to feed the elephants some fruits whereas for my kid, he is too afraid to even stretch his hand out.

I guessed everyone has a great day that day and we spent most of our time just lazing around in the tram instead of walking. 😀